It has taken a Village to get rid of our Evil Manager

It definitely took a village to get rid of one of the most evil town Managers in the history of Florida. What Joe was writing about last night pertained to Ms. Tebo handing out 20 pages of why Anita Rivers was fired, to the Council after they chose her to fill the council seat. Ms. Tebo’s statements regarding Rivers were nothing but further discrimination of a good person.. There were not 20 pages when Anita was removed and only one complaint which did not make any sense. One can see how vindictive she really is and how much hate Ms. Tebo carries for not only certain citizens, the council but White Springs at large.

Walter McKenzie called her on it last night and said the reason Ms. Brown did not fill out her evaluation was due to the fact that Ms. Tebo sent out an e-mail stating the evaluation did not have to be completed until December after the council was given the evaluation for completion. That is going against Council policy and Ms. Logan our Town attorney explained that just because a contract had a different date did not take away from the date Ms. Tebo started and the anniversaries thereof. Ms. Logan read Section 5 of the Charter.

Then there was our blog, and it’s mainly because of my civil law contractual area of insurance that I could see how Stacy Tebo had breached her contract to the point of no return. The problem is that the prior four years before Mayor Miller took over were filled with acceptance of Stacy breaching her contract and no complaints were ever made. So the council set a precedent allowing Ms. Tebo to do whatever she wanted which was finally being corrected, but only with verbal warnings thus far..

And we do not know what has happened with the Commission on Ethics. The investigator met with Joe and I separately with respects to our complaints. When he spoke to me it was about the fact that Stacy and Rhett gave benefit to Andrew Greene he should not have received meaning the Fire SUV, additional money for maintenance, etc and the loss of our fire Department. Apparently they were interested in the complaint which led to John Davis being fired after he refused to do as councilor Tonja Brown demanded. So the investigator was intending to visit the Trailer park.

Stacy Tebo can no longer blame her decisions solely on Rhett Bullard who is an attorney, Karen Hatton who is an attorney and Ken Daniels who is a CPA. None followed the Law and possibly could not read the law when it came to LOFT. As you have hear through our blog and at meetings, Ken Daniels refuses to set foot in White Springs and has lawyered up. As we have mentioned, t will not be the Town or its Town Council who will be responsible if the FL Department of Revenue come after White Springs but rather those who advised Staff and Council to do things that were contrary to the law and who are considered professionals. So only the CPA and attorneys are on the hot seat for this and it would be great if FLDOT and the Department of Revenue

Everything is unraveling at this time and it is time Evil moves on.

Karin for the blog

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