It has nothing to do with Tommie’s record but his lying which shows he cannot be trusted

Today’s Rhatt Pack Watch spoke said we all have things in our past that we would like to change but what has not been understood in all of this interim town manager flail is the fact that it is not Tommie Jones’ past that we are concerned about. It is his consistent lying and attacks and making fun of people. Is that the type of Manager that will be fair to all people. I think not. But yes, if he is good for the Town in getting our finances in order, so be it. But after the lies and comments he made about Joe, making fun of him and the “bribery” thing for which Tommie Jones does not understand any of the elements to uphold a “bribery” charge, I have no faith in him being a fair and honest person. This is especially because we befriended him and wished for the best for him and he turned around with a dagger. That’s my take and again it has nothing to do with his record. We too want the best for White Springs and if it takes even embezzlers who have been freed that can help us with our books, so be it as long as they are fair to everyone.

Karin for the blog

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