ICYMI: Gubernatorial Candidates Policies Analyzed on October Federation Call – Andrew Gillum’s policies would halt Florida’s economic momentum.but from what we hear in White Springs Gillum has the right color of skin to vote for – what a shame

 ICYMI: Gubernatorial Candidates Policies Analyzed on October Federation Call

Tamara Fleischhaker

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Economic Policies of Gillum and DeSantis Analyzed on October Federation Call

Thank you to all of you who joined us for this month’s Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Local Chamber Federation conference call. I appreciated the opportunity to share important information with you.

If you missed our call, here are two big things you missed:


Hurricane Michael Update – The Florida Chamber’s Board of Governors Program Director, Greg Blose, gave an update on the status of local chamber colleagues in the areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. Many chambers in those areas remain closed and many are significantly damaged. If you would like to assist in Hurricane relief efforts, please consider contributing to the Local Chamber Relief Fund by clicking here<https://www.flchamber.com/after-a-disaster/>. Florida Chamber members have already donated more than $13 million to the relief efforts.


Economic Analysis of Gillum and DeSantis – Nationally recognized economists, Tony Villamil of Washington Economics Group and Donna Arduin of Arduin, Laffer, Moore Econometrics, gave an overview of a new James Madison Institute study analyzing the various policies of the two leading gubernatorial candidates. For a snapshot of the comparison, click here<https://www.flchamber.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/A-Non-Partisan-Comparison-of-the-Economic-Policies-of-Andrew-Gillum-and-Ron-DeSantis_101918.pdf>.

While Ron DeSantis’ policies would largely continue the success of Governor Rick Scott, growing Florida’s economy by creating 2.1 million jobs over 10 years and resulting in $26.6 billion of economic gains annually, Andrew Gillum’s policies would halt Florida’s economic momentum. In order for Gillum’s policies to be paid for, such as government-mandated healthcare, he would have to:
  *   Increase taxes on small and local businesses by 40 percent ($1 billion annually), or
  *   Increase the state sales tax from 6 percent to 39 percent, or
  *   Institute a new 37 percent personal state income tax.
Gillum also proposes a government mandated wage increase on small and local businesses, raising costs for job creators and prices for Florida families. DeSantis on the other hand wants competitive, market driven wages set by small and local businesses that grow Florida’s economy. As economist Dr. Tony Villamil said “the choice is binary.”

For the full James Madison Institute economic comparison, click here<https://www.jamesmadison.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Election-2018.pdf?cs-from=a24a6222-7d2a-4960-8954-7b91095962b6>. To download a comparison of the economic policies, click the photo below.

If you want to help make the right choice for Florida, please reach out to me at 850-521-1209 or mwilson@flchamber.com<mailto:mwilson@flchamber.com>.

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