To take a look back at all of t he things I have complained to the town about in the last 20 1/2 years. I’m sure you, if you put your thinking caps on, won’t have a problem remembering all of the things that made me the BAD Boy of White Springs.

First and foremost were the 20 lawsuits the town got kicked because I was fighting a game I didn’t know the rules for and I ws up against, not the town but a shyster, two of them, who would tell you he was only protecting his client.

Ten of those lawsuits were for violations of the State’s Public Records law, Florida Statute 119. One can not argue that I asked for a document and didn’t get it. Thus the legal action. Five of the lawsuits were about non-enforcement of the Land Development Regulations, the Zoning Code. We, as a Town, are still fighting to not enforce the zoning code. In fact the Magistrate they were using had direct orders not to accept any complaint that had to do with the Municipal Ordinance 98-01. We had a magistrate whom we were paying but was not allowed to enforce the very municipal ordinance that the town paid $7000.00 to get established. If you don’t believe me call Joel Forman, the Magistrate, an attorney in Lake City. Two of the lawsuits had to do with the unethical conduct of the Town Manager, the self confessed pedophile, Robert Townsend. One can not argue that he, Townsend, is and was a morally bankrupt individual. Two of the lawsuits had to do with violations of the State Ethics Law which has now been investigated by the Ethics Commission and will be adjudicated shortly. And my favorite was arguing in court that we needed a fire department and that the town council had a responsibility under the charter to listen to my and John Peeler’s complaint. The Town spent $10,000 on defending its right to not have a fire department.

Yes I am a BAD Man. I have applied for the Town Manager’s position four times and because I was a BAD Man was denied the position four times. Those four times gave us Townsend, Farley, the gentleman from up north Bill Lawrence, and now Stacy Tebo.

No wonder White Springs is so morally bankrupt.

Well, the town now has a fifth time. I suggest we look at all of the things they, the Town and especially the Council say was the reason I was unacceptable to be town manager. Imagine Pam Tomlinson gets to be bookkeeper for 18 years with all of her lack of knowledge of finances and I with Five Masters degrees or certificates am not qualified to be the Town Manager. Look at all of the problems that could have been avoided, including now being BROKE again. We, as a town, actually argued that Tebo didn’t have to live in town, an act which caused her not to care about the town. Name me one hurricane that she remained in town for, just one. Name me five Mondays that she has been in town and at her office for. You can not do it because it has never happened. Name me once, just once, that Tebo has returned one of my phone calls.

I suggest that I am not a BAD Man but that the town is so corrupt that it hires corrupt people instead of good people. Which is more logical and which makes the most sense? Want to clean up the town? I suggest we terminate Tebo NOW. We terminate or let retire Pam now. We fire anyone in Public Works that is surplus such as Ray Vaughn’s friend. We fire Stacy’s friend who is helping with the Town Zoning Code at a cost of approximately $10,000 a year. We get a outside contractor to do the sewer and water job instead of waiting for a year for Mr. Vaughn to come up to speed. In short I suggest we undo anything and everything that Tebo did to us without Council approval.

We have a Weak Mayor form of Government so that we can get a professional Town Manager. I suggest we get one, maybe even me.

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