I was so excited about what the Jasper News has added, I had to write the editor

To the Editor and Staff – You have outdone yourself with your new addition to the Jasper News Opinion Column called “Rant and Rave”.  I remember conducting research on various newspapers and that research pointed out to my title “Newspapers, the Dying Breed”.  Yet our own Jasper News has come up with a fantastic idea which no other newspaper to my knowledge has.  After buying the paper on Thursday Morning, our ritual, and finding the Opinion column, we called various friends who called other friends and acquaintances and to my knowledge everyone ran out for the new newspaper because of your fresh great idea to sell more papers and to secure additional news from the community whether awards, military or educational standing raves, or just some rants like the one about White Springs.   My hat is off to you the editor and your staff for such a great amazing idea which in itself will pay off big time.

Karin Griffin

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