I did not provide enough information to the commission; but why try, Ms. Tebo and Rhett Bullard would lie for Lofty anyway.

You may recall the complaint I had made against Mayor Spencer Lofton to the Commission on Ethics…well it came back stating the Commission would be unable to investigate:
However, the following was stated by Ms. Virlinda Doss, the Executive Director:
“Your complaint alleges Mayor Lofton purchased $110 worth of goods from his son’s company (not really, I said that Wardell Lofton was asked to produce an emblem for T-shirts but most likely it was the program with which he could make future emblems).  You cite Section 112.3135, Florida Statutes – the anti nepotism law, but the allegation does not implicate that law because it involves no appointment, employment, promotion or advancement of a relative (which is definitely on a line here).
The allegation does potentially implicate Section 112.313(3), Florida Statutes, which prohibits officials from acting in an official capacity to purchase goods or services from companies in which their children serve as an officer, partner, director or proprietor or have a material interest (What a Joke since Wardell is not any of the aforementioned and it was the check memo which looked as if there was a business listed as “Lotus Creative Designs”…and which I explained was a program not a company). However, Section 112.313 (12)(f), Florida Statutes, provides an exemption for purchases not exceeding $500 in the aggregate per calendar year.  (Lofty, we will be watching you and it’s so nice that you purchased a program not for the Town but for your son on his home computer)


Ms. Doss further states that while I alleged he acted without Council approval, I did not allege that such approval was required for the purchase, or that the purchase was prohibited by any local code or charter.  She stated if it did, violate some standard of conduct  I may wish to re-file the complaint.
Now let’s look at this for a moment, since Stacy Tebo our CEO for White Springs is the only person who may purchase anything in accordance with the charter, Lofty could be in trouble if I decided to re-file.  But the problem is that even though he was elected under the “Weak Form” of Mayor, it seems Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo have given him great latitude.


Yet, when Councilor Miller asked for some chairs so she, Miller, could host the Suwannee League of Cities and when she asked for a check to pay an employee from money her benefactor had placed with the Hamilton County School District for White Springs Use (And there was no excuse all the staff had to do was call and the money would have been sent over), she was charged with “Malfeasance” on all counts but good ole Lofty doesn’t even get a slap on the hand.  This also was applicable with Tonja Brown when  she interfered with John Davis’s Code Enforcement position, but of course Vice Mayor Brown was exonerated by Lofty after his “investigation” which he states he did not say but everyone heard him.  So what a bunch of double standards.


Well the Commission is back and it appears that  my initial complaints have not been answered by the Commission yet and I am uncertain whether an investigation was made, but it will be interesting to see if something sticks, especially to Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo, because enough is enough.


Ms. Doss, however, did me a real solid, when she sent back the Department of Transportation complaint regarding Local Option Fuel Tax funds, because it belonged with DOT who sent it to the Attorney General, who sent it to the Legislative Committee, and now it is with the Auditor General.  There is no way the Town will escape this one especially when Hamilton County was requested to provide the interlocal agreement between the County and White Springs.  “Cousin” Ken Daniels, although liked for his personality, definitely placed a nail in that coffin and it should be very interesting to see what else the State finds.  This thing cannot be covered up any more than White Springs special accounting which did not follow any of the local Towns in Hamilton  County who did do it right by listing restrictive funds separately.  What a bunch of Scam artists we have in White Springs…and sooner or later…they will be caught because they have done so much damage already, it will be too hard or difficult to cover their tracks.


Here’s to the idiots in White Springs who think they can cover up their illicit fraud and embezzlement’s forever.  It ain’t going to happen.  Better things will be coming to the forefront which will nail these bastards once and for all.


Karin for the blog

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