I am starting to fear for Helen Millers life

For the First time I am so relieved that we have police at our meetings in flack jackets and packing.

First of all we have Arthur Natteal on his Radio Station talking about suicide and other tendencies and blaming it on PTSD, which I doubt he has in the first place. We hear that Arthur Natteal is in White Springs living on government subsidized housing and owns property in Central Florida near Crystal River area and is renting out his property and collecting over $1200 in rent money   He is 100% by Stacy Tebo’s side and for all we know, he could be causing some of the problems in White Springs against our good people. He’s been in the military and I do not trust him. He obviously can beat on a woman and not think twice about it.

Then we have Stacy Tebo whose face was puffed up in the most evil looks I have ever seen.  Pure hate toward Helen Miller came out of her and possibly even Walter McKenzie.  Although people like her only have themselves to blame , it is obvious that Ms. Tebo feels she is the only one who is right and no one better disagree with her.   If we only could have shown her rude attacks against Miller last night to DeBary, the Judge would have had a second through.   Ms. Tebo needs psychological help.    She has come after Anita, the Fire Fighters and although she can’t contact our employer, since we are retired, she has gone to the State and placed injunctions against us.   She is a  very very sick individual and Police Officers, please watch over Helen Miller because I fear either Tebo or her lover who is a police officer will try to hurt her in some way.   And the way the law is, there has to be some evidence before someone gets locked away.   Mark my words, She is about to crack especially with her drug use and it will be far worse than the threats of Williams in Jasper.

Most people if they had done even some of the wrongs she had, they would have brought them up to the council and tried to work them out. But Not Ms. Tebo, even though I believe Mrs Miller is trying to help her by telling her what needs to be done.

Karin for the blog.

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