I am sorry my friend, but I have very little good to say about her

Someone who I would usually try to assist asked me to put in a good word for Tracy Rodriquenz on the blog.  Apparently Tracy is being persecuted by those at Town Hall and Tracy is fearful of losing her job.

This is why I cannot comply. Tracy is supposed to be a police officer and follow the law but since I have known her all she has done was spew lies and blame someone else for her actions.   I reminded her point blank about how she lied about Joe and how she tried to have him incarcerated using a Navy friend of hers to cinch the job against a former Lieutenant in the Navy and Vietnam Veteran .  She denied it and blamed Miller.

The point was to do anything to Joe to ruin his reputation, along with mine,  so that he did not win the election which the majority stated he very well would have.   Instead of owning her lies and even her lies to FDLE when they investigated the election, she blamed Helen Miller and stated she only does what others tell her to do.  Well no wonder the Third Judicial District no longer believes anything that comes out of White Springs.  Tracy apparently does not have sufficient understanding of the law to know what is chargeable and what is not.   She obviously joined Karen Hatton in that area and Hatton lost her job over her huge mistakes, the Griffins being one of them.  And if we felt like paying Ms. Hatton back, we had opportunity when she took after us for money we had paid to the town twice without even checking whether everything had been satisfied.  That along with the history of our legal file with the ADA would have made Ms. Hatton lose her law license.

It is like the time Tracy put in charges of harassment due to my artwork on the blog.  She had Sheriff Fouracre so riled up that he stated that I had Miller on the bow of a ship in the nude, which I did not.  He was so threatening that he forgot that he mirandized me and as a result couldn’t remember anything when he was diposed.  Yet he said Tracy determined the  charges against me and of course Tracy said Fouracre made the charges.

In going over the attorney’s summation of the complaint against Stacy Tebo by Anita Rivers, it is obvious Chief of Police Tracy Rodriquenz, will lie to protect her job. It doesn’t matter what oath she may have taken as a police officer, she will listen to the officials in power….and do as they wish.  In this case it was Rhett Bullard..   It doesn’t matter if you have been a friend of Chief Tracy, she will throw you under the bus and be happy that it is you under the bus rather than her. And that is what she did to Anita Rivers.   What a sorry individual who will not stand up for what is right when so many stood up for her when she had criminal charges against her, but no she drank, threatened and assaulted women and god knows what else we do not know about, but she was the “tough” chief Walter McKenzie wanted. 

What one must understand is that if you are a police officer, standing up for the law and retaining your license is far more important that doing what an unscrupulous mayor like Rhett and the Town Manager requires you to do. That is why we have lost many a good officer who could not wait until they found another job.  Then there was Officer Meeks who was dismissed during the depositions due to the fact that Meeks told the truth while his Chief, Tracy lied.

Tracy Rodriquenz was initially the lieutenant for the White Springs Police Department. Prior to that Tracy was a hair stylist.

At the time Chief Subic was fired by reason that he attempted covering his pregnant mistress under the health insurance policy, Walter McKenzie wished for Tracy to become the new Chief of Police but Tracy had just been charged for a DUI after an alleged altercation at a bar in Jacksonville with a Jacksonville police officer.  After she left the bar she was followed and charged with a DUI. Thereafter Chief Brookins was hired as the White Springs Chief of Police and Tracy remained his lieutenant.

When Joe Griffin moved to White Springs there was tremendous controversy due to him being a truck driver and that he parked his truck on the flail owned by the Town in front of his house. Although he was away most of the time hauling goods for his employer, the neighbors across the street at that time had a problem with Joe parking his truck on the flail.  One day, they made some comments to him and Joe yelled back at them regarding his rights as a citizen. Tracy had her squad car parked at the end of the block so when Joe yelled at the neighbor, Tracy arrested Joe for disorderly conduct.  At the time Joe did not know that Tracy and Caryn Copeland, the neighbor’s wife were the closest of friends.

The Town also set up a new policy whereby anyone parking on the flail would be fined, but this policy only applied to Mill Street.  So although Joe received the majority of the fines, the Sistrunks who lived next door complained to Joe because they also received a ticket as did others.  When a new officer did not understand the policy and fined someone at the Tilferd Hotel, the officer was fired.  Joe has attempted securing these special policies which were made only for him, but to date, they have been denied.

Chief Tracy was friendly initially to both Joe and I when I moved here.  She only warned Joe that people were after him and would like to hurt him so he should use his wheel on the sidewalks if they were there rather than on the roadways. The problem is that most sidewalks have heaves and cause destruction to wheelchair wheels. And if Griffin ever made a complaint, she would tell him to run for Council. 

She has been rumored to have been charged for giving false testimony and and it is obvious from the depositions we took in our Civil suit that false testimony is one of her best suits.   An incident report which Ken Brookins dismissed was changed by the arresting officer because Tracy wished to have the incident report to read worse than the situation was.

Prior to Chief Joseph Subic, Jr. (A U.S. Traitor whose charges were dropped by President Regan) being terminated, he and the investigating officer for an assault charge against Tracy contacted the Assistant State Attorney Teresa Drake at the misdemeanor criminal court house in Gainesville wherein he guaranteed to discipline Officer Capalla (Tracy).

She also had an assault charge against her of July 10, 2005 whereby she hit the victim in the face with a closed fist causing small lacerations above the left eye. Tracy was angry because she had overheard a conversation between the victim and another person while inside the restroom of a nightclub where Tracy was the topic of conversation.  She was required to go to Anger Management Classes.  Subic was fired and Ken Brookins then vouched for her and she then remained his lieutenant.

We were told by more than one person that a WS police vehicle was stationed outside of the State Farmer’s Market out on 136 and I-75. When calling the Farmer’s Market we spoke to a gentleman at 386 963 2355 who said, and I quote, “The WSPD provides us security coverage on Thursday to Sunday. We have a contract with the town.”  The contract was with TLC; Tracy’s initials prior to marriage.

There is no problem with a police officer having a part time job because many cannot afford to live on their policing salary.  However, it is not allowed to utilize a White Springs police vehicles in another county for such purposes. The FDLE Investigator initially told us that the Town of White Springs Police Department and its chief Tracy Rodriguez were under investigation for improper use of municipal assets for their patrolling of a tenant of the State Farmer’s Market near White Springs  Nevertheless, the Council then decided to assign the police car to Chief Tracy so that FDLE could not charge her.  Thus Chief Tracy could take the vehicle to and from her home in Jacksonville

In other words, instead of providing our Police Chief with a car allowance for driving back and forth to Jacksonville, the Town’s police car as being used with all expenses paid.   Since Police Vehicles are extremely expensive to replace, one would think the Council would be more prudent with money. Yet Chief Tracy tried to say she reimbursed the Town for her personal usage.  Yet driving to and from work is considered company or Town use and with a vehicle she is covered not only for automobile liability but under workers compensation for driving to and from work ; two major exposures.

By prior action the town council has authorized Chief Tracy to use a governmental asset, the police vehicle, to travel back and forth to work daily to/from Jacksonville which is approximately 130 miles round-trip per day. Reportedly, as a condition of her use of the vehicle she was to keep a record of her expenditures verses the public’s expenditures for the use of the vehicle for unofficial purposes and official purposes. According to the Town Manager she was not keeping such a log meaning that there is no oversight by either the Town Council or the taxpayers for the wear and tear, depreciation, and consumables (oil, fuel, etc.) for use of the vehicle.

Now as it is, the vehicle was totaled by a deer and Chief Tracy is using her own vehicle.

Chief Tracy hired Klug to “get Griffin”. We found that Klug was unemployable at his past job in Tifton Georgia and he was camped out in a motor home at the Park. That is where the infamous Election Victory Party was held.  An officer who was there stated that Tracy commended Klug on the fine job he did railroading and arresting Griffin.  And because he deserved her gratitude that he could place his cock in her cock holder. Shortly thereafter Chief Tracy reportedly turned in Klug’s resignation.

From what others have told me, Chief Tracy is quite the party girl and this has caused problems more than once.  At one party she got angry at another young lady in Town, threatened her and took her down by pulling her hair.  Then she was dancing around after removing her bra.

.I don’t really care what people do on their own time, but it is obvious Chief Tracy is one corrupt individual and since, as I mentioned previously, she would have difficulty finding another job, she has to make certain she does anything and everything to keep this job even if it means continual perjury  and not following the law.

Now note that everyone has protected Chief Tracy and they have even written her speeches; but every now and then, karma strikes.   On the exterior Chief Tracy feels she is the toughest two gun Dickless Tracy around.  So as things are, Chief Tracy on her own time took out someone else’s motorcycle and demolished it as well as causing enough damage to herself to be out of work for fourteen (14) months. And although, she came back, she technically has not been fully released by her Doctor because another surgery is required.  Now the charter states that the maximum per year one can receive while out is 30 days, I am certain Chief Tracy was paid continually. 

The sad part is at the time Cecil Brownfield, Detective and Lieutenant, was so good that it was evident we didn’t need Chief Tracy nor did we ever need four officers for this small town. Now, Cecil has taken another job and we will certainly miss him.  He was one of the best officers White Springs could ever have had.   As for Chief Tracy, she has no other choice but to remain here but how long will people accept her lies.  The way the Town is going, we will be bankrupt soon.  Then the County will take care of us as well as the Sheriff’s Department.

Then we have Chief Tracy covering up evidence which should have been provided FDLE involving a juvenile and one of the so called elite of the town.  Instead of providing the evidence to FDLE she gave it to the perp who did the devious deed.  So much for following the law.

Police Chief Tracy Lied TWICE Under Oath to the detriment of the Griffins and such lies could only be to the benefit of the Chief and the Town. Generally, I would give a police chief the benefit of the doubt. It is possible that she thought that Hatton gave her instructions on the investigation and charges because Chief Tracy expected those instructions – what psychologists and statisticians would call “confirmation bias”. In this case, however, there is good reason to believe that Chief Tracy just plain lied. The reason why I think this may be true is because there was not just one misstatement, but two.

Chief Tracy testified that Hatton told her information which Hatton, a largely disinterested witness, completely denies. In addition to that conflicting testimony, we have the statement in Fouraker’s report that Chief Tracy encouraged the Deputy to press charges against US, Joe and I. Chief Tracy flatly denies that conversation ever took place. Yet we have a contemporaneous report made by Fouraker – another largely disinterested witness – suggesting otherwise. When we take Fouraker’s deposition, I assume he will verify what he wrote in the report. That would be outright lie number two on her part.

We were told by FDLE, and FDLE reiterated it to our attorney, that had not Joe pled guilty (because we did not wish court costs) there was good reason to believe that what was done to him was for the purpose of people not voting for him.  And Chief Tracy couldn’t even remember what Joe was charged with when she worked out the charges.  She said it was because of diplomas and three medals

Tracy Rodriquenz’s lying did not stop with the Rivers depositions.  Tracy lied at the Miller Hearing stating that Helen Miller was the only individual on the Council who asked for her help, until both Walter McKenzie and Tonja Brown stated Tracy had assisted them also.  Tracy did not tell the truth about any of the events including one of the charges against Miller and when the hearing was over and Helen Miller was removed from the council, Tracy came up to Joe to say how horrible it was.  Joe wasn’t going to have her lie to his face and he called her out saying she got what she wanted (Helen off of the council).

She didn’t even handle the drug situation correctly by giving Stacy Tebo back the percoset not investigating whether or not the drugs were Tebo’s or by prescription.

Now Officer Doyle continually praises Tracy for going out on domestic calls with him and having her officer’s back, but where was she in protecting John Davis.  John Davis was a fine officer and his deciding to quit his code enforcement job had nothing to do with his performance as a police officer.  But Tracy certainly did not stand up for nor did she have his back.  She just terminated John Davis, a nice young man with a new child in his family.   At least the ethics commission was checking into this matter but I feel Tracy has no morals and Walter McKenzie can keep sticking up for her but to me all she is is a weak liar who apparently cannot even determine the correct charges so that they stick in the Third Judicial District.  We still have not heard whether the 3rd Judicial District is refusing all of her arrests since she apparently does not know what she is doing, but it should come out at some point. 

No, I could not write anything nice except for Officer Doyle’s praise of her.  It was obvious when Cecil Brownfield took over what a good chief should be but since Cecil has left and Tracy is back, there is no real Chief.  We would do better naming Marsh as chief of Police.  He probably would follow the law whereas I don’t believe Tracy Rodriquenz knows how.   I lost all faith in our police when she did not take the evidence against our former Mayor to FDLE.  I do not believe in child abuse and I think she will pay for that some day.

Karin for the blog

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