Hill, understand there are Legal and Illegal Immigrants and they can’t be included as one

every in america is a immigrant


You are correct in that America is made up of immigrants but currently all we have coming to this country are illegal immigrants.  There are ways in which an illegal immigrant may apply for citizenship but with the many illegal immigrants coming to our country in hoards, it surely will bankrupt the system and America itself.

Some of these illegal immigrants are Middle Eastern Terrorists in disguise; most illegals coming from these countries do not know what they can do in order to provide for themselves and  their families; then we will spend billions of dollars educating their children, providing welfare and food stamps, and medical assistance which even at the boarder now has cost America a fortune. Not only that but the Democrats wish to abolish ICE when all ICE is doing is removing the “CRIMINAL” ILLEGALS.and GANGS like MS13

Furthermore Trump is right, we give these countries Millions of dollars in Aid and what do they do, spend nothing on bettering their country or giving their citizens a better life; instead their people are all headed toward America.  It is time we stopped aid to all of these countries and worried about our own.  And if California’s Jerry Brown wishes to take these 7000 coming our way, more power to them in California.  It’s time the Movie Stars  brought illegal immigrants into their homes since they have the money to do so and the mansions to house them and feed them.  Yet they feel other people should be taxed to take care of illegals.  These Stars can either put out or shut up.  Actually, Hill, bring in an immigrant family into your home and provide them food, shelter and clothing and you can help them with medical and education on your own dime rather than the taxpayers.  How would you like that?

Well I hope Trump calls on the Military to send all of these illegal immigrants back at gunpoint if he has to.  Obama did enough damage with “Catch and Release” and it is time to do something about our immigration laws which have not been followed and to build a boarder wall as those who protect us at the boarder require.  It is time these illegals realize they cannot just march into the United States and feel the rest of us will take care of them.  The Taxpayers have had enough.  It would be different if these illegals would be able to support themselves but no they require us to support them and why should we.  Would you like people living in your home “Hill” so that you could provide them food and clothing and shelter, while they lived on your premises without finding any work?


Many of these illegal immigrants come from countries with different ideologies which do not match ours.  In fact, many of the illegal immigrants Obama let in from the Middle East received huge checks of $3,600 a month in welfare plus medical and these people hated we Americans and will not accept the manner in which our Country lives and our ideologies.  Yet we allow our Veterans to be homeless and others to remain in poverty while we help illegal immigrants, the Democrats themselves stated were overwhelming by videos by President Bill Clinton as well as President Obama himself.  The only difference is that Trump can say exactly what Clinton or Obama said and even Chuck Schumer, but he will be called a racist and all other types of names, just because Democrats don’t like him.  Yet you will find he is or will be considered one of the best presidents we have ever had, even beating Ronald Reagan, since John F. Kennedy..

So Hill, it’s time you did some reading and understand really what is going on..  I’ve included the following in the event you have difficulty reading what was done previously.   Karin for the Blog


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