Governor/and I hope Future Senator/ is right – after what the left has been doing we need term limits. especially since Bill Nelson hasn’t done a damned thing worthwhile to represent us

We are seeing why Congress needs term limits


In case you haven’t heard, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the United States Senate, and is now the newest Supreme Court Justice. I want to give him my heartfelt congratulations. I’m glad Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed; he is a profoundly qualified judge with a robust and impartial record. I am confident that he will be a fair and prudent justice.However, his nightmare of a confirmation process was nothing short of shameful. America witnessed career politicians turn this process into partisan political theater for the purpose of furthering their own careers and agendas.

This type of political theater was a textbook example of why Congress needs term limits.

When politicians become more focused on winning their next election than they are about working for the American people, it causes the exact type of grandstanding circus that we’ve seen these past few weeks. So many Senators, bolstered by millions of special interest dollars in their campaign war chests, seemed hell-bent on outdoing one another in their race to smear Kavanaugh more.

That wasn’t what they were elected to do, and it certainly wasn’t how the governing body of the most powerful nation in the world should conduct themselves, but they didn’t care. They were hoping it would look good in a campaign commercial.

Re-election is not the job of the Senate, governing is. When one Senator forgoes their constitutional duty in a quest to save their seat, the entire nation suffers. When several Senators do this, it’s a national crisis. Term limits can prevent this.

As Senator, I will work to ensure that public office once again becomes public service; that starts with enacting term limits as soon as possible. Our nation deserves that at the very least, and I hope you will stand with me.

Have a good weekend,

Rick Scott

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