Firefighter Brazil was one of the former department who was harassed by Steve Stith

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  1. I know first hand he tried to get me kicked off my new department by going to the chief an telling his lies. Someone also called my full time job making statements that a county truck was parked in my front yard for 3 hours which was a big ass lie an my boss knew it right away because on that day i was not in a dump truck or even close to town i was at the far end of the county i work in operating equipment so nice try maybe round 3 will go better for you. I had nothing to do with someone filing a complaint about steve to century i didnt know anything about it till steve told me. You see i am the type of man who is not going to mess with someones livelihood unless they are doing something wrong. I don’t want to see anyone get fired who does deserve it because i know my job is very important to me its how i feed an take care of my family. I just want to see this town run the way it should be i want to see true honest people in office once who do care about the town and its people not once who just to have a play pen for there buddy’s. I want to be able to raise my children in this community but as of right now i don’t feel like this is the place to do that there are definitely things wrong with this town that need to be fixed an right now it is not being done there is to much bickering like high school crap we just need to stop the bs an get this town right fix the water sewer the streets the overall look of the town keeping the grass cut fixing the side walks so people can enjoy walking down them instead of tripping over them because they are popping up fix the storm drainage problems an if the staff/city employees cant do this then get ride of them an bring in people who can i have never seen an town function so poorly like this in my life. We need to Stand together an work this out fix our town we live here lets make it right for our kids there kids. If we keep going the way we are this town will be like a third world country an no one will want to live here.

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