Evil has been taking over White Springs over the last four years like that of a Stephen King Novel

I knew that Stacy Tebo did not have the attributes to make her a good manager but I always feel there is a chance that I could be wrong and that the council and others would steer her the right direction.   What I never could have imagined is what an evil, vindictive, human being Stacy Tebo is and was during her four years in White Springs.

Even after she terminated Anita Rivers for what I feel was no real cause, this horrid person went directly to the State’s Attorney’s office and attempted to have Anita Rivers prosecuted for these laughable events which showed how stupid she really is.   She wanted to punish Anita Rivers for calling her out on the fact that she discriminated against Rivers and treated Rivers poorly, and Tebo even allowed Pam Tomlinson to continually attack Rivers as well.  

The problem is that none of this was funny in the least, and by her providing the Town Council with paperwork showing her deep hate and vindictive nature after Anita Rivers was nominated to fill Spencer Lofton’s seat was the worst showing of a human being I had ever seen.   It is though Tebo is the Devil incarnate.

Tebo always has to be right even though it is obvious she is continually wrong.  It is not sufficient that she pulverizes someone to the ground, making false accusations about them but she cannot stop slandering and defaming those she dislikes.  Just recently she fabricated something Anita Rivers did not say, which promulgated Tebo’s boyfriend/Police Office to contact Anita River’s place of work and try to have Anita Rivers fired.  The formal complaint is being handled to retain in Tebo’s files for now, but what a horrid individual Tebo is.

Tebo did the very same thing to Kevin Pittman.  She gave him five minutes to respond to a bunch of accusations that made no sense, especially since Pittman has done so much more for White Springs.    She couldn’t go back to Pittman and throughout this time while we bring out what greatness Pittman had provided White Springs, Tebo and her ilk continually are trying to ruin the reputation of Kevin Pittman, just because they don’t like him.  

And then these evil people went after John Davis’s job by having him fired as a police officer because he would not listen to a dictate by Tonja Brown in his code enforcement job.  He had to be punished and so they did.  Mr. Davis had just come back from leave for the birth of his first child and he was fired.  He had never done anything wrong in his police duties but it is the Evil Witches Way of handling things and Tonja is almost as bad as Stacy Tebo….but now one can see the evil coming from Tebo’s physical body and face. Just look at her if it is not that frightening enough for you note her body and facial features.  Her body is puffed up as is her face with the most frightening dark eyes I have seen in a long time.   Her presence is almost as frightening as a Stephen King novel and it is happening right here in White Springs

We know how evil some of these people are (Stacy Tebo, Tonja Brown, Spencer Lofton, Arthur Natteal, Rhett Bullard and now LeRoy Burden).  They have done nothing to make White Springs Better and would never consider using their own money to help the people, but they are the first to criticize and are now stating lies about Rivers, and  Williams stealing from the HOPE program when instead these ladies have given their time  and money freely to assist the children.  

What have these liars done for the children of White Springs?  These liars have allowed Tebo to steal money from the Citizens by paying someone for two years who was unable to work, without requesting permission; Going against the Law and the LOFT Statute spending money as they felt they could;  Allowing favorites like Andrew Greene use a Fire SUV as his personal vehicle for a couple of years, given money for work he did not do and was provided fuel and maintenance.  That is stealing Ms. Tebo and you are the reason all this money has been stolen and the Town is in the situation it is now.

But you are a pitiful human being Ms. Tebo and I hate to see what you will suffer in Karma because you have hurt so many people not only here in White Springs but in DeBary as well.

You feel you are always right and that everyone should bow down before you.  You are obviously a drug addict who  has numerous moods, none of which are kind.   You were a one person wrecking crew in DeBary by your own words, causing chaos wherever you went and did to DeBary what you have Done in White Springs. 

You tried to be rid of people you did not like such as Dan Parrot and Helen Miller when these people probably would have done very well for you and both took a lot more of your crap than the rest of us would have.   You are a dirty spiteful person and May God Help you because in time those horrid things you have done to others like Parrott, Miller, Rivers, Pittman and others, will come right back at you and it will turn so that you will be the one ill treated.  The time is coming my evil witch.  You cannot forever treat good and kind human beings in the manner you have treated them.  You, Stacy Tebo, are the true Thief of White Springs and you have taken our Town down the rabbit hole close to bankruptcy.  For that you should go to jail, because you are nothing but a malicious liar who has nothing better to do than attempt to damage the reputations of others.

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  1. I wrote my reply on “TEBO SHOULD GO NOW” before I read this post. How funny that we said very similar things about her. To add one more thing.. Tebo and her friends did not like Mr Pittman because he and the other firefighters wanted Andrew Greene gone. For many valid and well documented reasons. Which I believe must be very obvious the the citizens of White Springs by now.

  2. Fuck tebo that stupid bitch she is a worthless bitch who should be flipping burgers at burger king. She should never be allowed to work in government ever again. An for her little bitch of a boyfriend he can go fuck himself an stay out of white springs business just because he is a fucking moron for dating this bitch just goes to show how fucking stupid he is. Bye bye Stacey get the fuck out of town an stay the fuck out of town you sorry ass bitch.

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