Don’t tread on me because you are the dishonest ones.

I have been here over eight years and one would think after that many years one would get used to the lies and the corruption, but I was not raised that way.

One thing my daddy hated were liars and having been raised Catholic, they instill something in young people that lasts throughout their adult life and that is lying doesn’t work. It is something I have difficulty doing and after hearing Tommie Jones went to a Catholic University, I thought, I bet he will be honest about his past….but no that didn’t happen.

I am tired of council people playing games. They want mine or my husband’s help when they are in trouble but they will turn around and knife him in the back with myself included with the stab wound.

We believe Tommie to be very talented and were one of the first to bring our desires to have Tommie be our Town Manager and also handling the water and wastewater treatment plants. There were real conversations about some of our difficulties in the workplace and how we managed to excel in spite of it; how hard it was for him to go to school while working similar to what I did and I had great respect. What I do not believe in is someone lying to my face or to my husband. If it were me, I would have honestly mentioned if I had some kind of background; explained it as being something done when I was young and dumb and that I am not the same person today. Of course I had nothing to hide like Tommie but if I had that is how I would have handled it. Now maybe I would have gotten the job and maybe not but at least the Council could not have said I was dishonest with them. I don’t believe in lies but that is something we continually get from people in White Springs and it is wearing thin. Finally I thought there would be honesty and transparency but at least two members of the council knew and must have exonerated him and told him not to say anything because all he said to Joe was “ask Helen”.

And furthermore what does this have to do with Stacy and Rhett? Stacy left and even tried to change everyone’s mind about Anita being on the council. We believe in new and fresh ideas from our councilors and I must say one of the most honest and hardworking council people who I hope will remain on the board for years is Tom Moore. He is honest and hardworking and he certainly does not lie. We respect him greatly.

However, if you think you have earned points with us by lying to our face, calling and chastising us for what we put on the blog, you are greatly mistaken. We do not have to listen to this garbage. It is you who are hiding the truth, being non-transparent and what could have been a simple thing now has turned into an insurmountable lie and you can thank yourselves for that. Keep your secrets but don’t come crawling to us when you have a problem in the future. I have never met as many liars as I have in White Springs and I have no respect for any of you and you will certainly reap what you sew.

Karin for the blog

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