David Procter is our new Fire Chief

David Proctor has been chosen by the 12 members of the White Springs Fire Department to be the fire Chief. He was in the Military, is a medic and has a Firefighter II Certification. He is also local.

former Chief Stith also wishes to be a volunteer to assist Proctor. Of course Andrew Greene is still part of the fire department so as long as Stith and Greene are a part of the Fire Department, there is no chance in bringing our former firefighters back.

We were told that one of our voluntary police officers did bring the fire truck to Bib Shoals and was the first one to arrive. Permission was asked of Police Chief Tracy Rodriquenz because obviously we have no real fire staff.

Councilman Walter McKenzie has not given up on his quest to find out the amount of time it would take each volunteer on the roster to arrive to fight a fire. Young Proctor had not been told this was required.

Our Volunteer Police officer stated he is one on the roster who resides a great distance from White Springs but that he is in Hamilton County the majority of his time.

Walter McKenzie questioned why there have been no responses and how this is of great concern to the citizens of White Springs who constantly call him when the Fire Department is a no show or if something happens and White Springs does not respond. Young Proctor said he would provide the information.

Mr. Proctor seems like a really nice young man but he has no clue what he is up against and the fact that Stith and Greene wish to remain his advisers will not help the situation what so ever.

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