Dale Williams offer to determine White Springs Needs at the October 13th meeting

Dale Williams was the guest speaker at the White Springs Town Council Meeting of October 13, 2020. He stated his name and the address of his firm Dale M. Williams Consulting PA in Lake City. Mr. Williams worked 32 years as County Manager. In October 2015 after 32 years with the County, he started his private business and small government consulting firm in 2018. He currently is employed with Lake Shore Hospital Authority on a part time basis. He also had worked in Fort White for six months and it is getting toward the end of the project being completed. It will be three months before we finish the legislative situation. There would be nothing in Conflict for him to work with a Public Entity account.

After attending the entire meeting Mr. Williams said to the Council that they looked pretty normal and why ask about horror stories?

He mentioned he would first need to know what you cost and the council stated that they are paid.He then satated he would like to meet with each one of the council members individually have a discussion on what may be sensitive information post Haste.

Mr. Williams stated there would be no charge for his discussions and evaluation. “If your problems are not that severe, you just may need a town clerk who he would work with”, he stated. He stated he would need a way to contact each individual as well as contacting Attorney Meagan Logan and Michael Whitehead for an overview. He was given some information by Shonda Werts and was promised the additional contact information the morning of the 14th. It was not Mr. Williams intent to change White Springs but to assist White Springs in the changes they wished to make.

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