Cuban Americans say Threat of Socialism Greatest Factor affecting their Vote

The Epoch Times stated the majority said they would vote for President Donald Trump, citing his hardline stance against communist regimes that some older voters had escaped.

A number of polls favor Trump on this front, with one recent NBC News/ Marist poll revealing that 50% of the likely Latino voters of Cuban descent favor Trump and 46% favor Biden.

Rey Anthony, a third-generation Cuban American and Co chair for the Cuban American Republicans of Florida said that for many in the city, the election is personal. Anthony’s grandparents fled the communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro’s Cuba in search of freedom. “I would be ignorant and disrespectful to (my grandparents) if I didn’t recognize that and value the freedom that we have in this country”, Anthony told the Epoch Times. “They sacrificed everything so that my parents, my generation could live in freedom and not have to go through the horrors that so many people in Cuba today still go through”

A handful of patrons said they would be voting for Biden, the reason being generally they believe Trump’s character makes him fit for office. ( But we didn’t vote for a choir boy or a priest in my opinion, we voted someone in who would help the people and get rid of the Washington Swamp which has done nothing for the people).

JORGE MONTEAGUDO, the owner of Jorge’s Pharmacy, a family owned business that has served the Cuban community for more than 45 years, said that as a business owner himself, he supports Trump’s law and order message, referring to the widespread riots taking place across the United States. “Get those rioters off the streets. Put them in jail for 10 years, ” Monteagudy told the Epoch Times.

Monteagudo, who wa born in Cuba fears the United States will turn into Cuba due to the Democratic Party’s further shift to the left. “Who is going to pay for all of it?” he said, referring to those who push for socialism in the United States.

Barbar Lopez, a second generation Cuban American has American Friends who support socialism and politicians such as Senator Bernie Sanders. She believes they have been heavily influenced by liberal professors and teachers at U.S. colleges and the nation’s public schools. Her friends send her articles that tout the advantages of socialism and about topics that include equal distribution and taxing the rich. “To me they are blinded” shesaid/ “They see what happened with their parents’ country and how Cuba is, with the buildings deteriorating, but they don’t want to recognize that ”

In one of the advertisements, it shows Biden saying himself that he is going to be one of “the most progressive presidents in American history”. The ad then quickly cuts to footage of former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and former Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Perro, a socialist who lost the 2018 presidential election. Our progressive governments says Chavez “progressive ideas The ideas of socialism says Castro” This new progressive axis would have very powerful allies” ses Petro, in the advertisements.

Alex Gubanos, a CubanAmerican, told the Epoch Times, he’s voting for Trump because the Pay check Protection Program (PPP) loan he received greatly benefited his business of about 600 employees.

“Democrats didn’t want to give us the money,” Gubanos said “adding that Trump “is implementing a lot of policies that benefit all Americans:.

Days before visiting Miami, Trump added new sanctions against the regime in Havana including new restrictions on Cuban exports and the barring of Americans from staying at regime owned properties. Trump saidthe sanctions are part of our continuing fight against communist oppression.

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