Councilors should have no concern but the CPA’ s and Attorneys should worry about their decisions to misuse LOFT

By now most of you have had an opportunity to digest the letter received from Ellen B. Gwynn, Senior Assistant Attorney General. The Town of White Springs will not be exonerated for their actions and the Attorney General will not justify such actions.

I mentioned immediately how ridiculous Karen Hatton, esquire’s letter was in that it stated what the Town had done with the LOFT Money rather than what was promised….inquiries of whether such items may be construed legal under the law. Helen Miller wrote such a letter, but let’s face it, she was condemned so we instead had an attorney who didn’t know how to write the letter, put White Springs in peril.

But not to fear my little councilors. I still believe what the attorney for the Department of Revenue told us via the phone. It is up to the CPA’s to assure that the law is being followed regarding LOFT. In fact that is why the Attorney felt there were no violations other than those of White Springs. We did find out however, that Powell allows one of his Towns to misuse these funds as well.

So since the State will never go against their cities or counties, who do you think they will go after?. My bet is on the CPA’s who advised us in writing that we could spend such money. To my knowledge Powell did not advise us in writing but Ken Daniels certainly did and that may be the reason Ken Daniel is only speaking through his attorney today because that is a blatant error and omission as well as breaking the law. The secondary people who may be prosecuted by the state are the Attorneys who should know better. These attorneys consist of Fred Koberlein, John Rhett Joiner Bullard and Karen Hatton. In fact the latter two listened to the CPA when questioned and without further investigation, said that we should listen to the CPA. Ms. Tebo most likely will be considered ignorant and unable to read and decipher law.

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