Councilors it is time you kept your promises to the People. We are tired of your lack of conviction in bringing Kevin Pittman and our former firefighters back.

I know that everyone states that Fire Chief Proctor has no idea what he’s in for. I also know he is a very nice young man and has talent, having been in the military and who is a Medic besides being a Firefighter II….but this is my deal.

I am tired of waiting for the Best fire department we have ever had to come back to White Springs. The Council has no say nor had no say in hiring Proctor and furthermore if Proctor remains, Steve Stith remains as a volunteer and possibly Andrew Greene.

Kevin Pittman and the brotherhood were the best of the best we could have in White Springs and they were here first before Proctor was brought in.

We know the Fire Department under Kevin Pittman did everything by the book and we felt safe. What do we need to do to get him back…we’ve been fighting for him for two years and the council ignores us?

I want the Town Council to keep their promise to the Citizens, now that Stacy Tebo is moving out and bring our tried and true Fire Department Back with Kevin Pittman as our Chief. Proctor can work with Pittman if he so decides to remain but Kevin Pittman should be the Chief. Unfortunately I believe Proctor to be experienced but quite naive especially if he believes in Stith. there is no excuse. Nothing is holding you back except yourselves or a fear of hurting someones feelings. Remember you have a duty to your constituents and that duty means providing a fire department that serves the community.

I want Chief Pittman and his Crew Back ASAP so we can breathe and feel peace and tranquility in White Springs.

All Walter does is compliment people but it is time he stuck to his word.

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  1. I’m sure that Mr Proctor is a very nice person. However, it is my understanding that he was already on the White Springs fire department roster prior to being named Chief. If that is true then why did he never show up to any of the recent emergency calls? I believe that Ms. Tebo hiring him as fire Chief was her final slap in the face to the council and the citizens of White Springs. This is nothing personal against Mr. Proctor but he did not show up for calls just like Stith and Greene do not show up for calls. How is this some improvement? There must be some provision in place covering who is in charge of the hiring and over seeing of the Fire Department when we have no town manager. The council needs to use that provision and bring back our real fire department as well as firing Andrew Greene as the asst. fire chief for the vote of no confidence that our prior fire department presented to the council. I believe his not showing up for any calls in all of this time proves that he is not competent in that position. When are one of you going to pick up the phone and call Mr. Pittman?

  2. It’s time to bring back the fire department that was under Chief Pittman. Tebo is gone true enough. But with Smith and Green pulling the chiefs strings. Things will not change , essentially it is still their show. I say bring them back. Pick up the phone and make the call. Unless your willing to have a none functioning fire department as usual. Time is running out , so call before the rest join another department.

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