Council has to be the exception where the Chiefs answer to the elected officials rather than Management.

The Police Department has done a fantastic job, especially helping the EMT’s but we all know how the Fire Department could not do their job nor did they intend to.

I really believe in both the Police Departments and the Fire Departments being under the auspices of their respective Chiefs who in turn answer to the Town Council. It would be a win win situation and like in the past it would be nice if each department could retain the money they received from working events or donations as their own. They have always been able to handle money better than Tebo and Tomlinson and the minute Tomlinson gets her hands on money it is gone.

When Kevin Pittman was chief he managed to draw some $5,000 in contributions and event money because everyone loved our fire department. Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard ruined that for us but there is hope to go on if we can get rid of Stacy Tebo who refuses to do what Walter McKenzie or Helen Miller have told her to do. Enough is enough.

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