Congratulations to our Town Council for making the Correct Choice

Congratulations to our White Springs Council for having the sense to have nominated Anita Rivers as our Council Woman to fill the vacated seat of Spencer Lofton. She truly is an amazing young woman and she has done so much for the community and your children.

We really do have the dream team. We have Helen Miller back as our Mayor who is working diligently to get the Town of White Springs back on Track after four years of financial chaos and lawlessness and it is not easy.

We were fortunate to get Tom Moore on the Council who is as hard working and intelligent as one could have hoped for. He takes his fiduciary duties to the citizens seriously and continually is taking additional seminars to improve himself, the “Libra” way. . He is no yes man and if there is a problem not resolved he is like the “bulldog” that will eventually get to the solution.

And because of the two, Miller and Moore, I believe McKenzie has honed in on some new insight and may go into the 21st century of the law and order instead of making decisions on unfounded criteria.

Insofar as Ms. Tonja Brown, there seems to be no hope for her. She is alone, not understanding what is happening from a legal standpoint or from a financial aspect. And Councilman Moore, bless his heart, is continually trying to assist her. In fact she apparently took the assessment of her friends rather than reading our blog and blatantly stated that Joe Griffin knew that the Council’s intent was to vote Anita Rivers in to fill the council seat. Nothing of that nature was said and how could it be said? We have no control of the council. Each of the councilors have their own thoughts and opinions on each and ever issue and each and every decision. If you think for a moment the Griffins could sway Walter McKenzie into their ways of thinking even if the Griffins were 100% right, you would be wrong. In fact I had taken a chance fighting for Anita Rivers in my five minutes because for certain McKenzie could have decided to go against me. Thankfully Mr. Tom Brazil Sr. also concurred with my statements about Ms. Rivers, and the Brazils have McKenzie’s respect.

Ms. Rivers made her own statements as did Arthur Natteal and Ms. Johnson. It would be nice to see Ms. Johnson become involved. In my statements I did say one must go to meetings and be involved to which Walter McKenzie did not agree. But it is important, especially after four years of lawlessness and chaos. If one does not know what the problems are, how can one offer solutions to assist White Springs?.

Mr. LeRoy Burden of Mill Street, spun out his peacock feathers telling us we have no such right. In Mr. Burden’s world, He should be respected and listened to because he is Black. And I ask Mr. Burden, what has he done for White Springs? In my lifetime there are three great Presidents, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Mr. Burden should remember John F. Kennedy’s words “Ask Not what your Country can do for you, but rather Ask what you can do for your Country”. Mr. Burden feels that if he can use anger every time he is involved in the community, that should get him everything he wants. But he and his ilk voted for people like Rhett Bullard, Spencer Lofton, Willie Jefferson, Tonja Brown because of the color of their skin or possibly what Rhett could do for them if they had a problem with the law. But Mr. Burden, and Ms. Brown, what have you done for the people of this community.

Arthur Natteal wants to place together a celebration for African American with Artists and vendors of which Natteal and his Radio Station would receive all proceeds. Now if Nateal and Burden were serious about getting some additional money for the Community Center so that we could raise the $100,000 needed to make the center hurricane proof, they would think about how they could put together festival(s) to earn the additional cash to help the citizens instead of putting money in their own pockets. I find so many people are hypocrites and people like Natteal and Burden are at the top of this list. It’s only what can “People do for me”.

Again my congratulations to the Council for making a wise decision in filling the vacant council seat with one of the most hard working and brilliant young Women in White Springs, Anita Rivers.

Karin for the blog

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