Wow! Joe your math is incorrect. He’ll be 62 this January (your wrong) He was hired by Broward County 03/01/1982 (wrong again). A person has to disclose only convictions not crimes. Tommie has done so. The town Charter require the Town Manager to be appointed. He has only one felony conviction and has received Restoration of Civil Rights for Florida conviction (Without A Hearing) – Level 2 – PRList. He has full rights to be gainfully employed. He has done NO crime to this town. He has paid lots of taxes and contributed more than most. Stop with your character assassination and “Cyber Stalking!” Unapprove | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | History | Spam | TrashITS ALL ABOUT BEING BLACK ISN’T IT NICOLE?View Post1No approved comments 2019/10/18 at 12:50 pm 0
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In reply to Concerned Advocate.I don’t know when he disclosed his Felony Conviction and to whom. But the truth is that he lied on his statements to me about his past. That’s what this is all about, not some other thing. All he had to do was to tell the truth. I have never written Tommie except on LINKIN, and then only once at his request. It is not Cyberstalking. You sound like TEBO. Again, it was his lie, LIES, that got us into this mess. I don’t care if he is a felon or not. I care that he lied to me about it, not 40 years ago but this week. LIES always get you into trouble. I say again what is so wrong about following the law and telling the truth. And where is Tommie. Why doesn’t he write me? Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist

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