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Jones named White Springs’ interim town manager

Town elections are held the 4th Tuesday of April each year. Even number years the town elects three council members and odd numbered years two are elected. The candidate who polls the highest number of votes for office shall be declared the winner thereof. The officials are sworn in the following Thursday after the election at which time the council elects among itself a mayor and vice mayor.


You will have to purchase the Jasper News to get the full story but the reporter in spite of what the Rhatt Watch stated did a very thorough job.   In fact, it is obvious more than one source secured background information on Tommie Jerome Jones because nowhere in our listing of criminal charges was there one for “solicitation” but the Jasper news so indicated such as well. This is part of the News story:

But Jones has a checkered background that includes a number of arrests dating from 1979 to 2005, including several burglaries and grand thefts as well as battery, resisting arrest without violence, improper exhibition of a firearm, solicitation, and cocaine possession.

That criminal history was not discussed in the special meeting but Councilman Tom Moore said the mayor and council were aware of his background prior to approving Jones as the interim town manager.

Jones has not submitted a formal application for the position.

It may be mentioned that Councilman Tom Moore indicated he knew nothing of Jone’s checkered past and as such one must suspect these choices were made by certain councilors out of the Sunshine. – Karin for the blog

Kara M. Compo is a reporter for the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press. Her beats include general assignment, government, politics, law enforcement and first responders. ​

2 Replies to “Buy today’s edition of the Jasper News for the full story on Tommie Jones

  1. Yes, obviously the article shows that the decision was made before the Thursday meeting just as I previously said. So, it had to be made outside the Sunshine right? Again, it’s not what is best for White Springs, it’s about revenge on Stacy by Helen and Anita. Keep digging Joe and Karin. You’re on the right track. You may be surprised what you find out. There’s more.

    You might find out that someone has a nice grill that the White Springs taxpayers paid for and was given to him by a certain Councilor. At least that is the strong rumor. What else has been given away or has gone missing that was paid for by taxpayers? Why did Stacy take away the town credit cards when she got there? (Which is part of the reason all this started) Was she doing the RIGHT thing by the taxpayers? I say yes.

    Go back and read all that you use to put on the blog about Helen and think hard about it.

  2. Oh…..and by the way….I thought you knew about the solicitation charge. Thats the one he got time for. 1st degree felony. Read ALL that statute on that charge. And he is the manager??? REALLY PEOPLE??? COME ON!!

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