Brazil helped fight the fire at the Big Shoals – many departments responded but Not White Springs

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  1. Me says:October 4, 2019 at 2:56 pm EditThey were yesterday. One at Big Shoals another was a house fire somewhere down 25 A I think. The other two I am not sure if they were structures or ground fires or of the locations. Possibly Mr Brazil can pop in and fill in the details. He did post on FB that he was at the Big Shoals fire. A few fire departments did show up. One guess which one did not.

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    1. No one from WSFD showed up. EMS doesn’t count as WSFD when they are on Hamilton County time. Thank you to Hamilton county EMS for their support.

  1. I will stick with the point of my original comment- when that individual is on shift for EMS they are on county time not wsfd time so the fire department did not respond.
    BUT a duel member took the initiative and made arrangements so they could assist by providing the brush truck. It is comforting to know that there are current members that respond to calls still. I hope all the negativity towards certain individuals do not deter those members from continuing.So thank you to that medic firefighter for assisting.

    1. Who gave him permission to take a town asset to a possible hazardous situation? Was he a certified fire fighter or just out to look good to whomever? Since you are trying to explain yourself answer these three questions. Mr. Land does not own the Brush Truck. I hope he didn’t give you permission to take the Brush Truck to a fire if you had no authority to do so.

  2. Look the man who to the truck is a certified firefighter an medic a member of the town of white springs fire department he was working ems an he made a judgement call an it was the right one yes joe he has permission to take the truck because he is currently on the roster for the fire department. This is a good guy who was just trying to help dont need to lose someone like this. I respect him for make that call.

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