Black History Festival by Natteal

Arthur Natteal wishes to use the Ogburn field for a Black History festival. He said it will be held February 8th at Ogburn field which apparently Natteal was so excited he stated “Holman” ballfield”

Mayor Miller stated that since our own recreational committee has difficulty utilizing Ogburn field, that the matter will have to be straightened out first.

The date was cleared but Natteal felt the Council should have given him full permission immediately because he said he cannot plan without all of the agreements in advance.

Now get this Natteal will be wishing t use Ogburn Field for free, including his vendors and artists, etc., requiring help from the Town and Stephen Foster for staging etc, and he gets to put all this money in his pocket. Nice..

Helen Miller has asked him for more of a plan but essentially told him to meet with Councilwoman Brown to see if the special events committee could assist him.

He was throwing all kinds of names out, including Ocala, but I can tell you, The City of Ocala and their Chamber of Commerce do not just take requests like Natteal’s at the last minute and frankly, their Calendar is filled out a year in advance. I don’t know what Natteal thinks he i doing other than using the Townsfolk as suckers, but good luck to him and Ms. Brown who don’t seem to realize how broke White Springs is.

Karin for the blog

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