Before you vote, think about what you will be doing for our future! And that means you especially ladies!

It’s really bad when the Police Union in Florida after previously endorsing democratic candidates as unions usually do, are now endorsing Ron Desantis, a republican.
Someone who I could not believe would tell me this,  told me that I should forget about Gillum’s past.  But this is the deal.  Andrew Gillum ignored pleas from the police and as a result,  the murder rate increased by 52% during his term on the Tallahassee City Commission.  Frankly, Gillum is hostile toward law enforcement and would prefer assisting criminals .


It is humorous to say the least.  People in Florida especially in the most corrupt city in Florida, White Springs, keep saying they wish a peaceful community where their children can grow up without drugs and crime and get a better education.  Yet, if someone says that they would consider making drug tests mandatory in order to get welfare checks or if there is consideration for additional policing which White Springs does not have because of Rhett Bullard, then everyone balks.  Well I believe many of you who consider a criminal who doesn’t like the police to run our state are a little off your mark.  I don’t care if you are looking for the first Black to run Florida as a Governor.  Get another Black Man who is honest, not this one


The NRA who was established for those who were freed from slavery to protect themselves has a problem with Gillum as well.  Gillum wishes gun control in Florida which includes your deer rifles as well.  For all of you hunters, I cannot imagine how you will feel about that.


The only thing Andrew Gillum is concerned about is himself.  He is a career politician who raised taxes while increasing hi own compensation over $80,000 and he intends to increase taxes in Florida.  At least when Governor Scott was initially running for office, he sent out brochures showing what changes for the better he wished for Florida and I kept his brochures, not really assured he could do what he stated, but he did.  Scott was and is a man of his word; unlike Gillum who changes his story continually.  Has Andrew Gillum provided any of you with a plan for how he wishes to enrich the lives of Floridians?   I didn’t think so.


Now you can say that we should forget about the luxury trips he took with lobbyists, but it is wrong when you give millions in taxpayer funded grants to lobbyists to get their plans in action. It is much like what we are complaining about in White Springs.  Do you want someone that is for the people or do you want someone that will owe lobbyists and therefore assist the needs of the lobbyists.  That is what Gillum is doing.


The FBI is still investigating him in spite of what he says and even if those around him were the culprits, he should have known and done something about it.   I do not want Florida to become another Illinois and our big and small municipalities following Chicago.  Chicago has the worse murder and crime rate and it is a Gun Control State.  Gillum has started to bring Tallahassee into the increased murder and crime rate scenario, but needs to be governor in order to take our guns away.


And I am really tired of everyone blaming the Republicans for Health Care.  The Democrats WOULD NOT WORK with the Republicans to get a bi-partisan plan.  President Trump has done what he can to take away certain fees that should not be mandated, especially for those who refuse to purchase insurance, but he cannot do it alone.  President Trump will not allow anyone to touch Social Security, but the Democrats wish Socialism and to use all Medicare for everyone not just for those who worked all their life.  The Democrats throughout the years have taken Social Security and Medicare Funds from the aged and used it for balancing budgets.  And to increase the amount of people in Florida to receive Medicaid, there will be no opportunity for people or businesses to get ahead because of the burden of heavy taxation and that is what Andrew Gillum wants.


While other states had difficulties with jobs rates during the Obama years, Governor Scott assisted Florida so that there was jobs availability and growth and if you wish to see that growth, just look at the history of Ocala and see how that city has grown.


And for the person that told me Andrew Gillum most likely would be tough on the types of crimes we have had by officials in White Springs, frankly, I have to laugh.  If Gillum had trouble in his past it was of his own doing but I can honestly say, it will become worse as it did in Tallahassee.  Only this time, it will affect the entire State of Florida.  And maybe, since Lofton resembles Andrew Gillum, he can be offered a post with Gillum somewhere; hopefully not in the Governor’s office or we will be in deep trouble.


I don’t understand the thinking of most liberals and non-conservative women so perhaps that is why I have no sympathy for your plight.  Ladies, everyone has the right to better themselves.  And why do you need someone to take care of you when you have the ability to do anything a male can do to enrich your lives.  If you feel socialism is the answer, then vote for Gillum and find out how bad your lives will turn in the long run.  It is time you considered that certain events you choose now will change the future for you, and your children and your children’s children.  If you choose Democratic Socialism, our country will be ruined and your children will never have the opportunities you had, whether you took those opportunities or not.


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