As our Country gets closer to the Democrats trying to make it a Third World Country…

I realize that I am making the blog seem like a Media Outlet on Politics; Yet, today it is really important for people to understand the issues.


We were out to dinner with friends last night and in our conversations, concerns were discussed about what will happen to our children.  We have been a country every other country’s’ citizens wish to move to.  We have freedoms and the Declaration of Independence while other countries are poor and not only prohibit many of the freedoms we have but are socialistic countries.That means continual poverty to those who live there.


My family virtually was part of the Democratic Party as were many others at the time of John F. Kennedy and although Carter soured a lot of the Democratic ideals, people went on hoping Bill Clinton would be able to assist the Country.  He had so many great ideas but he talked the talk but did not walk the walk.  And part of this lies with politicians who are career politicians, who thrive on money from lobbyists and will take away the rights and progress of such things as prescription drugs to place money in their pockets. There is something wrong with these presidents and politicians who come into power poor and walk out Millionaires.  It means they are getting rich off the people they serve unlike those who come in with money and do a great job because they wish to serve the people and not get rich like Donald Trump, Rick Scott and others.  Most of these Democrats would sell their soul for money and they find it easier to fleece the common man.


Trump was chosen, not elected.  He did not need Lobbyists money.  He had his own and his wife Melania has even more than him.  The Democratic Party has become the party of Animals who use violence against anyone who does not agree with them.  The party now wishes to expose socialism on everyone which means that if they succeed, by the time our grandchildren are older, they will not have the opportunity to succeed in life.  The Government will own them; the government will tax what little money they are able to earn at a government job, through companies owned by the government.  And if you welfare people think under those conditions you will be able to remain on welfare if you are able to work and keep on drugs, that won’t be the case.  Our rights are gradually being taken away now and the Republicans who are not career politicians are fighting to retain them for us.


Many politicians are retiring because our President Donald Trump does not feel it is right for these career politicians to not have term limits; to not have to buy the same health insurance plans other Americans are required to have; and the President is against continual payments after the politician leaves his position or is not re-elected.  We have paid millions to line these politicians pockets and the sad part is that it is Democrats again who are virtually taking away money from the taxpayers.  Look at how former President Obama is abusing your money since he has retired and during his terms of office; and you think that is okay?  He wasn’t a king or a dictator and he took from you but you didn’t care because he was part “Black”, even though he was born in Kenya and finally admitted it.  A communist and a Muslim and that is what you want for America.


The Republicans, like in the past, are fighting for your freedom and your rights which is what makes America Great, while the Democrats are attempting to take your rights away just as they did in the days of Slavery.  And most people are so ignorant, feeling that if they get free things which they are entitled to from the Government, that life is and will be better.  But these people don’t understand that it is the freedoms of Business and Industry and those who Work for a living that are paying for these free benefits and someday the Country will run out of Other Peoples Money.


It is sad what the Democratic Party is doing to our country and they definitely are not the party of John F. Kennedy.  Today, John F. Kennedy would have been considered a Republican. George Soros wants America to fail and he is placing all his money on people who will have the ability to have our country fail.  There will be no more opportunities, there will be no new vehicles, no home ownership, barely enough food to feed your families with, no job in which you may excel since you are told what job you will have and where you will work.  And the sad part is that many of you have no idea what is happening in the country and all you do is express your violence against the good guys (not all republicans but the republicans who are trying to make a better America for all…and who have made their own mark in business and who do not have to rely on lobbyists money).


I became a strong Conservative Republican after Bill Clinton failed us and frankly I do not appreciate liars and sexual deviants of which we have a great majority in White Springs.  I could see in business where a person could be anything they set out to be if they wished to work.  The Road may have been bumpy but it was silver lined if you wished to get there.


So, the way the country is going, it will only be a short time after our Current President either is ousted by a bunch of Crazed Democrats for no reason and a bunch of lies, or after he completes his terms, that we will be going down the rabbit hole as a failed Country.  Our children will have no opportunities and you will be run by the Gillums, the Pelosis, the Clintons, the Maxine Waters and the Loftons of this world who do not know their head from their derriere.


It is time you realized what these Democrats are really doing to this country.  And if you wish to go back to Slavery, just keep voting and wishing for socialism and you will be a slave to the Government and the Democrats who run it.  Then maybe you will understand that you did this to yourselves.



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