How exciting another house fire. Julie Gay indicated she could see the flames shoot up high over the building and once Jasper came and watered it down, it was just a black smoke. The dwelling was On the Northeast corner of Kendrick and Suwanee Streets . We needed Jasper to fight a house fire in Town because all we could bring to the site was a brush truck.

When is our council going to realize they need to do something immediately before we won’t have Kevin Pittman here to be our chief. He is too valuable to not be asked by other departments to work for them but White Springs would rather get involved with this interim manager situation which makes no sense at all.

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4 Replies to “ANOTHER FIRE WHICH JASPER FOUGHT since we only could bring a BRUSH TRUCK

  1. Get the stroy straight no brought anything from white springs fire department to the fire no brush truck no engine no no nothing no personal no nothing dont make it look like they where there because they where not. Not one single person from there 12 man roster because thats all you have for a fire department is a roster. Genoa an Jasper fire departments saved the day again we owe these men an women much respect for coming down an helping our town out time an time again we should host a cook out for them its the least we can do for them for helping our town. When is enough enough we need to fix our fire protection before its to late an someone get hurt or worse dies because of the lack of response from our local department town council this is on you fix it before its to late.

    1. This should come as no shock to anyone. The new fire chief was on the roster prior to Tebo naming him chief. He did not show up prior to being named chief so why would he show up now? Just FYI someone almost did die for lack of response from WSFD when they got their last call. That was followed by Stith resigning.

  2. Maybe that is the issue….. The council… How many of those people are firefighters or even have a clue at what it takes to operate one? Maybe WS is depending on the wrong people.

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