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You can’t defend yourself regarding these facts you perpetuated toward your quest for power blackmail.

You thought this man was a subservient uneducated simpleton. Sir, you insult me with your self serving views.

Joe’s Response:

I’ve got 20 1/2 years fighting the corruption in this town. Now we get a racist temporary Town Manager. Know I never thought Tommie Jerome Jones was a simpleton or uneducated. He certainly doesn’t strike me as subservient to anybody. But he LIED to me and to you three times in three days. He is a racist trying his best to grab power. He’s Spencer Lofton all over again. Someone with nothing but a dream and a rap sheet miles long.

Just another love affair with a corrupt town by a flawed individual. When will we ever learn? I see nothing wrong with background checks for all town employees. What took me two hours to find out our Chief of Police could have found out in 15 minutes. Why for goodness sake didn’t we do this. Just another love affair, looking for someone who we can point to with pride. Be proud, you’ve got a liar and a thief as your acting town manager.

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  1. Sir, you tried to commit blackmail and he thwarted your obvious end goal. Liars don’t do that!

    He was pointed in not accepting your attempt and proposal of Bribery.

    Please address the attempted Bribery and Blackmail. You can continue with your erroneous allegations. I think you should CENSORED.

  2. Joe,
    Iknow this didnt fit your plan but Tommy Jones need to be given a chance along with Anita Rivers. Tommy is interum, making way less than Tebo and understands utilities. His background was not enough for Broward to not hire him. To call him a racist and compair him to Lofton is going overboard, even for you. I really like you and Karen but the Town is never going to employ either one of you let alone put both of you in charge, sorry it just aint gonna happen. Tebo is gone with no severance pay, we have a new local interum manager and a new Council member that realy cares about White Springs. Instead of slinging dirt be positive and lets see what happens.

    Joe’s Game Plan


    Here is my game plan. Anita gets elected to the Council to fill the empty seat. Stacy gets voted out with a 4-1 vote, which is what her contract calls for. They appoint me and Karin to straighten out the mess for a 6 month contract. We terminate Pam as our first act of business. Anita comes off of the Council and becomes town clerk/administrative person. After 6 months Karin and I go away from the Town Manager and the town clerks positions. But the town is back on good footing financially and the Council has a say in the town manager’s decisions. No more operating in the Darkness. We pay Stacy her 30 pieces of silver when all of the other items required to be paid are paid. There is no requirement in her contract to pay her immediately. Unless the Town Attorney can think of a legal way to avoid that $15,000 bill I’m assuming we owe it to her.

    That’s my plan. Of course I don’t get a vote on making sure my plan is implemented.

    Congratulations to our Town Council for making the Correct Choice


    Congratulations to our White Springs Council for having the sense to have nominated Anita Rivers as our Council Woman to fill the vacated seat of Spencer Lofton. She truly is an amazing young woman and she has done so much for the community and your children.

    We really do have the dream team. We have Helen Miller back as our Mayor who is working diligently to get the Town of White Springs back on Track after four years of financial chaos and lawlessness and it is not easy.

    We were fortunate to get Tom Moore on the Council who is as hard working and intelligent as one could have hoped for. He takes his fiduciary duties to the citizens seriously and continually is taking additional seminars to improve himself, the “Libra” way. . He is no yes man and if there is a problem not resolved he is like the “bulldog” that will eventually get to the solution.

    And because of the two, Miller and Moore, I believe McKenzie has honed in on some new insight and may go into the 21st century of the law and order instead of making decisions on unfounded criteria.

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