Anonymous Phanthom has additional information none of us knew about

Select comment07Yes, obviously the article shows that the decision was made before the Thursday meeting just as I previously said. So, it had to be made outside the Sunshine right? Again, it’s not what is best for White Springs, it’s about revenge on Stacy by Helen and Anita. Keep digging Joe and Karin. You’re on the right track. You may be surprised what you find out. There’s more.You might find out that someone has a nice grill that the White Springs taxpayers paid for and was given to him by a certain Councilor. At least that is the strong rumor. What else has been given away or has gone missing that was paid for by taxpayers? Why did Stacy take away the town credit cards when she got there? (Which is part of the reason all this started) Was she doing the RIGHT thing by the taxpayers? I say yes.Go back and read all that you use to put on the blog about Helen and think hard about it.

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  1. Heck, let’s just keep going why don’t we! Also, is he going to take a drug screen like the rest have had to do? He hasn’t completed an application yet, so why would we think he would have to submit to a drug screening? But then again……I guess it wouldn’t matter. I am sure they know how to handle that one too.

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