And don’t tell me Rhett Bullard didn’t use Karen Hatton to go after the Griffins…He was never innocent but I believed Used Miller.

Karen Hatton as an ASA was not only dirty but I believe she had a screw loose or two.

In pulling up public records regarding Joe’s case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not touch the charge against him; especially after verifying the information Joe had given with his former CO in Atlanta.

But to tell you how idiotic Karen Hatton was, she first wrote a note to her boss, State’s Attorney Siegmeister,  saying no one would take the case, so she decided to do so. And in her paperwork she said the “Secret Service” not the FBI, was unwilling to take the case.

Hatton has always been a friend of Rhett Bullard’s and although Helen Miller was the one who was shown in the forefront of going after Griffin, Rhett Bullard definitely was in the background pulling all of the strings.  He blamed Griffin for the HCDA not providing the Town Money, when in fact all Griffin asked for was the HCDA’s help so that the Sewer Rate could be lowered if the money was provided; He got the other councilors so riled up that eventually other charges were made not only against Griffin, but me, his wife.  He continually complained to PD Chief Tracy Rodriquenz so that she continually phoned or wrote Hatton by e-mail to assure that the Charges would stick against Griffin and heaven knows what else he was involved in that Miller also was blamed for.  We knew the Bullards were involved when Johnny told Joe “It’s your bailiwick”  and you know Good ole Johnny’s felony was due to stealing money…something Griffin would never do.

And to the Griffin’s face, Rhett Bullard acted nonchalant as if he knew nothing about what was happening; that he never looked into the charges even though he was a councilor; that he never looked into the Griffin’s Civil Rights Lawsuit…after all he was such an innocent soul that he forbade a letter written by Miller to go to the ASA because he wished to look as if he and the Gang of Three including Jefferson was protecting Karin Griffin…and Willie Jefferson made certain Karin, I knew by telling me outright.  Yet, was this a protection?  No it was not.  In fact Frederick Koberlein refused to provide the letter and after he provided a copy of the smoking gun e-mail, it apparently attached the letter Koberlein was hiding from us and WaLa, Joe Griffin found it…and once the State’s Attorney had it, Karen Hatton was soon removed and placed in Juvenile crimes with another ASA, Mr. Carmichael, realizing Joe was being set up and it definitely was a railroad job to at least place Joe Griffin in Prison and stop him from having a Blog, which was transparent.  Yet, what the town does not know is that Joe’s story could have been verified not only by the FBI but by his former CO.. But don’t kid yourselves, the Town has a reputation for being dirty as can be and even the Commission on Elections knows what the Town Did to Joe at the time, but because he took a plea to have the matter drop or PTI, the Commission could not charge the Town for tampering with an election and advised our Civil Rights Attorney accordingly.  Yet there is still a record on the Town’s abuse of elections and any future complaints will be definitely looked at.

Yes Rhett, you must be so proud to know that decent individuals will not apply for jobs in this Town run by the Bullards and their ilk and that even attorneys who can bend the law either way to protect the Town of White Springs, no longer wish to protect or  work for the Town because the stakes are too high to end their law careers.  And, the only people left are the worse of the worst attorneys and you, Rhett, even had to beg for them to apply.  What a joke you people are.


Karin Griffin

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