Additional items discussed at the October 13th meeting which the new councilors will have to handle

Rhonda Johnson’s application to be a volunteer was approved unanimously with a motion made by Anita Rivers and seconded by Nicole Williams.

Our Auditors require additional information on various items in their Analysis of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Shonda Werts is working on the matter in an attempt to provide the information by giving them information on the manager’s discussions and analysis.

Only 40% of the people filled out the census report.

Suwannee Hardware and feed is having excellent growth per Don Wilson who attended the Meeting on the 13. He wishes to purchase the old Jail building which is adjacent to his property for additional business expansion. He wishes a one year lease and then to purchase the building. He is aware of the appraisal and agrees with it. He wishes the council to agree on his proposal and place it back on the Agenda in November. He was asked to be more specific on the amount and percentage. Don said he would cover the repairs to the building. He also mentioned that there were 20 vendors at the Swap Meet including people from Gainesville.

Warren Brown wishes permission to have the Town of White Springs offer him a long term lease so that he and his partners may secure grants through the Historical Society to make the old Washington Carver School into a Museum of White Springs. If a long term lease is granted, it can be owned by the town. Councilman Nicole Williams questioned whether the Town was given the deed. Johnny Bullard of the School board has deeded it to the Town in its entirety. The deeds were done just a few months back and done prior to the new Law Firm taking over as the Town’s Attorney. It was stated that this is the time in which to start working on grants. The asbestos was removed by a donation from Nutrien. Helen Miller mentioned that the University of Florida School of Architecture may have information he may use on their website. The university students made a number of alternatives on how to fix the school, and that information may be secured from a Professor. So it was stated that Mr. Brown should go into the Archives and secure the UF information.

In the meantime there is the problem that when the grant application went in for the new Community Center, now to be an emergency center, it was set to be demolished. Karin Griffin raised a question relating to that application which at the time was in the Griffin’s possession by public Record. When the advertisements were in the newspapers, there was no mention of demolition of the old carver school. It was a piece of paper or an estimate from Hamilton County at the time as to the cost of demolition. So if that is the case, Mrs. Griffin felt there may be no problem because no one advertised the school would be demolished to build the new Community Emergency Center. Since it is being moved to a different site, Mayor Miller suggested that a conversation with the Department of Economic Opportunity would be necessary to be assured there would be no problem based upon our application.

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