You tell one lie and then you have to tell another and another to give credence to the first lie. This is the problem with Tommie Jerome Jones. But he doesn’t remember the first lie and so he makes up a second one to cover the uncovering of the foolishness of the first lie. Then he must lie again and then again all the time digging himself deeper into a hole.

The number one rule of “holes” is that when you find your self in a hole QUIT DIGGING, a CONGENTIAL LIAR LIKE TOMMIE NEVER REMEMBERS THE RULE OF “HOLES”. So he lies and then tells a second lie and a third lie and so forth. The first lie was when he told me that he would willingly undergo a background check. Then he got upset when I ask him what crimes he had committed. He wouldn’t say. Well luckily for the town of White Springs I know how to get the facts from government and non-government sources. Then he told me that Helen had been advised of his indiscretions as Helen remembers the term. She even remembered that Tommie told her that he had a conversation with each of the Council members taking about his “indiscretions”. Another lie. He never told me or my wife he had a felony conviction or that he spent a little over two years in the slammer.

Unfortunately we have Helen aiding and abetting the lying with lies of her own.

The readers and contributors of the Blog have come up with lots of stuff to make Helen unelectable next election if they are true. Will go after her when we get rid of Tommie Jerome Jones quest to get the Keys of the Kingdom from White Springs. I don’t know how far the corruption goes but I do know this. Those that screamed loudest about t he Holiness that is TJJ are the ones I am after first. Nikki, Tonja Anita and Helen are my short list. I also know that Helen promised us a corrupt free administration and it is hardly that. What Helen was appointed to do is run a clean ship of state. Right now the Ship is a Garbage Scow. It’s not Rhett’s fault or Stacy’s fault it is Helen and Walter and Tonja and now Anita’s fault. Tell no lies and you will see how quick the Town of White Springs cleans up its act.

I’ve said it a thousand times. “What is so wrong with telling the truth and obeying the law?” The present administration appears to not comprehend this statement.

They, all of them except Tom Moore have forgotten the first rule of Holes. QUIT DIGGING.

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