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Rick Scott for Florida


We all know that the President has been watching Florida closely. He has long been a supporter of Gov Scott, and they have been working closely together to get the Panhandle back to normal after Hurricane Michael.

This morning, he made it clear- he is supporting Rick Scott’s campaign for US Senate.


You need apple cider vinegar in your life—Here’s why


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15 Incredible Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits Your Health
Its wide-ranging benefits include everything from curing hiccups to alleviating cold symptoms, and some have found it can help with diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. Read on for more reasons to keep apple cider vinegar handy.
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50 Easy Ways to Sleep Better, According to Experts
You can finally rest easy. We asked sleep experts to tell us everything they know about the healthy habits that help you sleep better.
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19 Weird Things You Can Really Buy at Home Depot
If you spend enough time searching for the perfect item, you may come across some products that will surprise you.
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What 15 Classic Movie Villains Look Like in Real Life
The actors who play these nightmare-inducing characters look nothing like they do on the big screen.
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The Cheapest Days of the Week to Do Just About Anything
Schedule your calendar around these tips for major savings, whether you’re buying wine, filling the tank, or going to Disney World.
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Private and Confidential
Why Trump was Snubbed from “Meeting of the Century” America’s #1 currency expert just got back from an exclusive meeting to discuss the biggest potential change to U.S. money since 1944. If you currently use greenbacks, you’ll want to check this out. While these changes could affect all Americans… a select few could see life-changing gains with just one simple step. Click Here for the Full Story.
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Are Republican politicians on our side? Are Republican politicians on our side? »
There is a common theme in discussions with conservative friends who believe that Republican politicians — particularly those residing for very long in the District of Criminals — are cowards or become cowards who are afraid to stand up for conservative causes. More »
The week's news that wasn't The week’s news that wasn’t »
Pow-wowing, praising, bicycling and communizing the dumbest, most revisionistic, unsportsmanlike and ham-handed fakeries in the week’s fake news. More »
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On Monday, when Elizabeth Warren threatened to campaign for the presidency, I figured we’d owe The Donald a second huge one. The guy who saved us from Hillary would rescue us again. But now it appears that Fauxcahontas’ fascination with her mythic Cherokee forbear has done her in before Trump could. It’s so bad that even the utterly insane Left has tired of her insanity. More »
The Cold Hard Facts
Don’t Drink Coffee

Drink THIS Instead…

What the SEC’s Latest Decision Could Do to You

John Boehner: “Americans should go all in on weed”

He was once “unalterably opposed” to marijuana. Now the former Speaker of the House is helping Americans make a fortune from it. It’s taking place at the first-ever online event for cannabis investors – and it’s free of charge to attend. Click here to reserve a space.

October 19, 2018

What the SEC’s Latest Decision Could Do to You
by Shah Gilani


They’ve called in every favor. They’ve spent millions of dollars setting things up. And now they’re ready to invite you to become a part of cannabis history. On Tuesday, October 23, former Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and Danny Brody, the architect behind two of the largest cannabis IPOs in history, are hosting the first-ever national event on cannabis. Speaker Boehner and Brody both agree we’ve never seen an opportunity like the one we have today with cannabis – making this exclusive online event an opportunity of a lifetime that you’re not going to want to miss. All you have to do is click here to register.


We’re Taking Advantage of This Sector

Mid-Week Update: Week of October 15

Our Kings of Canadian Cannabis Rocked the Market by 2,650%

Dear Wall Street Insights & IndictmentsReader,

This week the Securities and Exchange Commission unanimously ruled against the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Inc. in a dispute over both exchanges’ abilities to increase market-data fees.

The exchanges have consistently raised the fees they charge mutual funds, brokers, traders, and especially high-frequency trading desks for access to essential market-data and back-door access to data no one should be privy to.

It’s a longshot, but the newly muscular SEC, headed by Jay Clayton, starting with this ruling, could begin to reverse years of bad decisions by the Commission.

Those bad decisions include allowing exchanges to sell access to almost everyone’s buy and sell orders to trading desks who pay millions of dollars a year to essentially trade on inside information the exchanges sell them.

Here’s what prompted the ruling, how it could affect you, and what could happen

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The FCC Approved Tesla’s Dream Device (And Sparked the Ground-Floor Opportunity of a Lifetime)
Right now, one tiny company is poised smack in the middle of a complete global energy revolution… and if you see how to claim an early stake now, you could be rewarded with wealth beyond your wildest dreams. You see, this innovative device is the only one of its kind to receive this historic approval – meaning that once the market for this technology balloons to a trillion-dollar industry, you could be celebrating with an enormous pile of cash. Click here to get started today.

Here’s How Baseball Can Help Your Trading Game
Baseball is truly America’s favorite past time. But the truth is, there’s more to be learned from this game than how to throw a fastball. You see, the best players in the game possess qualities like hard work, discipline, and mental toughness – and so do the most successful traders. But these valuable qualities only tell part of the story. And you might be surprised how much the greatest baseball players of all time can teach you about the trading game. To get in on these secrets – and sign up for his free, twice-weekly Power Profit Trades –click here.

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BREAKING NEWS: White House Resignation Announced…

It just happened.

Read the details…

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