With Spencer Lofton and Rhett Bullard at the Helm, WS is becoming a Hog Waller

First we hire John Davis, who took his job of code enforcement seriously and when our Town Manager and Councilor Brown interferred, he resigned from the position only to be given the ultimatum of either resigning from the White Springs Police Department or be terminated (without cause).
Now we have Arthur Natteal’s wife or girlfriend who has no background whatsoever and the Town really doesn’t care because they have never taken this seriously.  All you have to do is look at the streets in White Springs, with all the dilapidated buildings and houses, grass and foliage growing everywhere, hidden wells on properties, and lots which have not been kept to code.  But who cares, Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton certainly do not and as for Tonja Brown, she knows no better and thinks everything is just great, even if she lived in a hog waller and that is what White Springs is turning into.  But most importantly, why would someone wish to move here we have no Fire Department, No real Police Department, we have drugs in the streets, needles in the playgrounds and high assessments on Utilities.
Oh, in case you did not know the definition of “Hog Waller”, here it is:
    1. hog waller(Noun)    (Waller = Pig bed)

      Any poor town or out-of-way place, that is populated by hillbillies and their farm animals.

These officials are ruining White Springs and since I have moved here it is getting progressively worse, but we have a drug addicted Town Manager, a cocaine addicted Rhett Bullard and a Black Mayor that has no common sense and thinks we will actually believe his continual lies.  None of them do anything for us and that includes the Gang and Walter McKenzie.  As for Miller, she has her hands tied and she is only one of five.  This town is becoming the biggest joke ever and it has happened since Rhett Bullard has been elected and made Mayor.


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Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division is divided into two sections. The primary responsibility of the Planning Section is to provide a combination of long and short range planning services focused on guiding future growth in the County through current development review and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. Long range planning services provided by the
division include: updating and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan, development of the Evaluation and Appraisal Report, transportation infrastructure planning, and community and economic development. Short range planning services include: review of development for concurrency and consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, collection of impact fees, and review of amendments to the  Marion County Growth Services Department
Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Page|11 Comprehensive Plan. Planning provides services to Marion County citizens, business owners, developers, and attorneys as well as a wide range of local, regional, and state agencies involved in growth management in North Central Florida. The Planning section strives to effectively manage existing and future development by facilitating the availability of adequate services and facilities, ensuring the wise use of our natural resources, promoting an awareness and consideration of cultural resources, and
facilitating the protection and enhancement of the quality of life in Marion County.
The primary responsibility of the Zoning Section is to provide assistance to customers in understanding and complying with the Land Development Code through a range of services
including development review, current site planning, Special Use Permits and Rezoning requests, agricultural exemptions, flood elevation information, map maintenance, and
environmental resource protection. The Division provides services to the general public as well as other stakeholders in the business, government, and development sectors. The key
focus is to promote a balance between community livability, economic vitality, and environmental sensitivity for all Marion County residents. The Department provides support to other Marion County Departments as well as several advisory
boards; the Planning and Zoning Commission; Land Development Regulation Commission; Board of Adjustment; the Code Enforcement Board and the Local Mitigation Strategy Committee. Staff assists regional agencies, such as the Ocala/Marion County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council. Staff attends the Development Review Committee (DRC) and participates in regular pre-application meetings with developers, applicants, and citizens.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division’s responsibility is to educate citizens about Marion County codes and ordinances through a voluntary compliance program in order to protect the property values, health, safety, and welfare of the public. This division investigates code violations throughout Marion County, whether called in by a citizen or proactively generated. Voluntary compliance is encouraged. A Code Enforcement Board meets monthly to review those violations that have not been brought into compliance. In addition, a Special Master program is being created through an amendment to the County Code. Other duties of this section include collection of lien fines, providing lien searches,abandoned vacant property registration, and administration of the unsafe structure abatement program

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