The RHATT Pack Watch Day 179

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The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 179

Today is Sunday, October 21st, Day 179 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

Halloween is in the air and this is no different in the Town of White Springs.  Only this year, there will be no Haunted House for Children but there will be plenty of  treats for the children in the neighborhoods…except possibly one house, the “Ratt” house, where he is planning a shindig for all of his cousins and for which it may get a little obscene later in the night.  With that in mind, make certain that your children are safe and that they are not involved with what the “Cousins” will be doing that night.
Last year the Red-Face Ratt was so excited that he would be able to be a part of the White Springs Firefighters Halloween Party and Haunted House for Children.  How exciting that was for the Ratt, because he felt one of these strong, good looking firefighters, might give him a second glance and become a sexual cousin.  And secondly, the Ratt would be able to observe the “young fondlings” which came to the Party, for his future enjoyment.  But alas the Brotherhood stuck with the Brotherhood and provided a wonderful night of enjoyment for the children and parents who attended.


Well apparently no one was interested in the Ratt in the manner in which he had hoped for so after the Halloween Party’s Haunted House, he spoke to his Lapdog and told her to find a way to get rid of Kevin Pittman.  He was hurt that former Chief Pittman did not find the Ratt attractive enough.


So this year, the Rhatt has decided to have a Costume Halloween Party of his own and thereafter, one of his favorite pajama parties where all can enjoy if they wish.  Each of the Cousins were to pick out costumes of someone they admired, or someone who they resembled or costumes relating to what they wanted to be, and the following shows some of the major Cousin’s costumes which are under consideration.




BullardGoofing around: Joaquin Phoenix filmed scenes for The Joker in New York on Saturday
The Joker as the protagonist OR the leading character of the “Gang of Three”.  Although he could not get away with killing people he has his share of bribery, fraud and pedophilia, because he values no one but himself.  And look at that smile, doesn’t it remind you of the Joker. He would be a shoe- in for any of the Joker characters.


She is evil and don’t even begin to believe that “sweet” smile.  She is strictly on opioid drugs and if you cross her path even once, she will have the “Gang” do whatever they can to hurt you physically, mentally or financially. Just like the Wicked Witch below, (notice her two sides in the photos below).  Since Tebo has been given so much power, she is more like the witch in the photo nearest her’s.  After all, if you are evil, it shows right through.  Unfortunately, she is so incompetent and drugged up, she probably doesn’t realize that she is a total waste to humanity. We understand even her son wishes nothing to do with her. And since she was fired in DeBary for cause, and lost her discrimination/retaliation suit against DeBary and probably doesn’t realize she has no chance in hell of winning the appeal based upon no legal criteria, she will remain the Ratt’s Lapdog, for as long as the Gang survives.  She may have somehow earned her MPA, but obviously does not have the intellect or logic required of that degree.

Despotic president of Uganda in the 1970s nicknamed the “Butcher of Uganda”. Like Mayor Lofty, he received little formal education and took over power in a Coup just like in White Springs.  Mayor Lofty lies to the people he represents giving them a great feeling and when their backs are turned, Lofty will stab them and they will have no idea how it happened.  This is a great costume of Mayor lofty and he looks a lot like Idi Amin Dada, don’t you think?

Uganda 2016: How Dead Dictator Idi Amin Could Affect the ...

Lofty’s hero who he mimics since he became Mayor, was considered a skilled, and somewhat overeager, soldier, unlike Lofty, who isn’t quite so skilled and definitely not overeager but rather lazy.   Amin developed a reputation for cruelty – he was almost cashiered on several occasions for excessive brutality during interrogations. As for Lofty, he can only go behind the scenes and do what he can to discredit the Citizens of White Springs and lie about everything which comes to the forefront because he has no morals whatsoever..


 The Penguin is the perfect costume for Mindless because, she already looks much like the Penguin in body build and facial expression.  She has no education whatsoever and although she doesn’t live in the hood, she definitely acts like the Penguin who was hidden or ignored by his parents early on.  Most of the time, she dresses as though she was in the lower swamp and has no intelligence whatsoever; not even a hint of logic to replace intelligence.  But she is conniving, and a criminal at heart and will do what it takes to steal from others to get things she has never had.  She has a large mouth when she wishes to berate others and feels she can use muscle and threats to make critics go away. She is madly i n love with Idi Amin Dada, who could care less for her but will use her in every way possible.
DOMINIQUE AS ELVIRA Mistress of the Dark
I don’t even think we have to say very much about this situation. “Cousin” Andrew’s attire and looks definitely say I am pee wee Herman.  Although Herman was caught masturbating at movies, we wonder what “Cousin” Andrew is doing when watching soap operas while Elvira is working.  Because the Gay Mafia had so much fun with “Cousin” Andrew at their pajama parties, he needed a spouse like Elvira who accepts the Darkness of Andrew to go either way.  Let’s face it “Cousin” Andrew has information on all of these people and “Cousin” Pam even provides the additional information.  He is a hero of the Ratt for covering up evidence which would have put Townsend away for raping inmates at the DOC. This marshal “Cousin” Andrew  is known for his tattle-taling and lies which he is the best at and as a result the Town will honor him with anything he may need in spite of the fact that he need not hardly work for his wage.
Dominique Greene's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup and indoor
Ray Vaughn  as Robinhood Prince of Thieves
Ray Vaughn seems to be a good guy per the majority of people who know him, but we know the Red-face Ratt has his eye on him because of making certain he received an excavator in spite of our owning a perfectly good backhoe; and because of trying the manipulate LOFT Money,  the Red-Face Rat may be placing Vaughn in a bad position of making him the Street/Road Fall Guy…Thus we hope he remains the Prince of Thieves for the Good and hope that he stays away from the evil for his and his family and friends sake well as that of the citizens.  IS HE HERE IN WHITE SPRINGS WITH A DEAL OF A LIFETIME BECAUSE HE WAS FORMERLY EMPLOYED BY THE DEPT OF CORRECTIONS AND MAY KNOW MANY OF THE TOWNSEND SECRETS?
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup and outdoorRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves turns 25 – 15 things you ...


The details behind ghoul are far more malevolent and may have inspired a horror film or two. In Arabic legend, a ghoul is a creature that eats both stolen corpses and children. The word comes from the Arabic ghul, which comes from ghala, meaning “he seized.” However, in White Springs it is “Cousin” Arthur who pretends he is pious but probably is the one who covers for the Ratt and the Gang of Three in their illicit and pedophilia acts MORE THAN ANYONE.  “Cousin” Arthur is the first to judge others while pretending he is a Christian without a blemish but we know “Cousin” Arthur is one of the biggest RACISTS in White Springs and boy can this “Cousin” Lie.  We know this is  all a masquerade to mislead you deliberately especially for his own amusement  because you can just see the evil lurking from his body as he tries to overthrow all which is good in White Springs for the favor of the Red-face Ratt and his gang.  In fact “Cousin” Arthur protects “Suck-up Idi Amin Dada Mayor Lofty”  and acts as if everyone else is being racist to this despot Lofty and Lofty is without sin.  But we know what a liar and despot Mayor Suck-up Lofty really is and apparently that is A-okay with “Cousin” Arthur who will defend these dirty cousins to the death.  It is time for these ghools to clean out their own closet before commenting on anyone else’s closet, since all they have done to date is lie, lie and lie and we know their Christian Act is just that….an “Act”.  When you really look into “Cousin” Arthur’s eyes, don’t they seem a bit demonic?  Could he possibly be a demon disguising as a Christian?
The Ratt has now bestowed the title of “Zoning Code Inspector”  or “Code Enforcement Officer” to good ole Shandah, with the additional money that goes with the job because it was time to pay back the “ghools” for a job well done.
“Cousins” Shandah and Arthur didn’t need a formal  invitation to the Ratt’s Shindig because they are used to Crashing Parties on their own.
 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text



Good ole “Cousin” Johnny, the Felon who received five years probation, still works with the Red-Face to bestow whatever gifts he may provide. The latest project for the Ratt to perform is to take S.H.E. off of the School Board’s books AND TO HANG White Springs Taxpayers with millions of dollars of improvements to S.H.E. which they cannot afford.   It’s funny how “Cousin” Johnny can’t seem to hold a job with anyone but somehow he has always been voted on the School Board.  Obviously some people don’t have a clue about who “Cousin” Johnny really is.  After all his “Mama” Mary Lou has been on the Board of the Hamilton County Nepotism Society for years and has provided all her boys. “Cousin” Bobby, “Cousin”, Red-Face Ratt and her boy “Cousin” Johnny everything they could possibly want.  In fact Auntie Mary Lou was a writer for the Camel Club when they decided to defame the Griffins.  In fact in her writings Auntie Mary Lou personally stated how fat both Griffins were and how ugly Mrs. Griffin was…so she obviously didn’t look at herself or her kin.   My she must be so proud of having two out of three pedophiles in her family but what can one expect when “Cousin” Johnny mentioned the House on Mill Street was so small , that in order to go outdoors, one had to go through the bathroom…and that is where Grandma, cooled off in the tub.  It may have turned off all the boys from women for good but we really don’t know what the actual excuse may be.  We almost forgot, while any of you may have been arrested , you will note, your name will be on the front page and in every internet article pulled up; but when you are “Cousin” Johnny and you come from the “Bullard” family, the headline will not include your name, and it will be buried in the article so that even Google will not pull it up.  What a great family they are!!! NOT
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingDSCN1870.JPG
Do you recall, the meeting where Griffin stated “Cousin” Willie beat his wife?  And do you recall now “Cousin Walter” stood up for “Cousin” Willie and gave Griffin another  sermon which he is good at, being the unfortunate idiot with his eyes closed to most issues.  It was obvious that what Griffin said was true since Willie was about to get off his chair and beat on Griffin, before his brain kicked in and engaged that he was at the Council meeting.  Aside from the fact that “Cousin” Willie is a cheat, a fraud and a liar that could not even raise his own son, we wonder what illicit deeds he has done to his previous spouse, and his new spouse from the Dominican Republic?  First of all, when congratulated by “Cousin” Chief Rodriquenz, he said the marriage was no big deal and hushed the matter down.  Apparently he met this sweet woman on the internet, but it was obvious it was not love on his part.  In fact rumor has it that a relative took his new wife out on the town to do some shopping, which ‘Cousin” Willie’s new  wife  totally enjoyed, but Willie put a damper on it and it appears she is no longer allowed out of the house or yard. .  Willie thinks very little of women, it appears, because he feels they are on this earth for sex, bearing children, washing clothing, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning and who says that he probably doesn’t beat on her just for the fun of it?  We don’t know, but the manner in which he got off his chair toward Mr. Griffin, made him look mighty guilty and we know he drinks a lot and probably gets drugs from the Ratt as well.  We at the “Watch” feel sorry for his new wife and  hope that one of his relatives will rescue her before it is too late.  You never see her and that is a concern in itself…and then there’s the son who Willie has done everything he could to keep out of jail from invalid yellow bonds to using his position at the time as Sheriff of Hamilton County to receive favors from judges.  What a messed up family if you can call it that.  Well at least since he lost the election to Councilwoman Miller, he can’t keep doing illicit favors for his friends, unless the Red-face Ratt approves. Yet on the Home Front, “Cousin” Willie keeps the women in his life as “SLAVES”.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Original 2.5 Ounce (Pack of 4)

“Cousin” Bobby has been protected by the Ratt’s family for decades.  An Alleged Pedophile, he is a slippery as the Vasaline tube contents he will be dressing as for his costume.  A monster who allegedly has molested so many minors, has changed many of these children’s lives forever.  Although he was arrested in the 90’s, for pedophilia, the law was good to him by making him attend “kiddie school” which today, everyone knows does not work and he should have been listed as a “sexual predator” .  And you already know how “Cousin” Andrew tampered with evidence that could have put “Cousin” Bobby away.  Although “Cousin” Bobby’s actions are disgusting and despicable, he is such a slippery character that even when questioned, the child victims would not dare tell the police what was done to them because of fear and shame…and it was further upsetting to the parents who decided to put this behind them without publicity..  So he went on to inmates, who he threatened, just as he bribed and threatened juveniles, that if they said a word, he would lie about their performance and get them additional jail time.  What a “Prince” of Darkness this despicable jerk is… and we allegedly have the Ratt following his footsteps.  Sick, Sick, Sick.
A Most Important “Cousin”
What a prince-ss of a Chief of Police. She has protected the officials throughout the years, no matter how illicit or criminal  their actions may have been. She takes after any citizens who wish to speak their first amendment rights  at council meetings and in fact orders them manacled and taken out the door with armed police.  Who does this Chief of Police think she is?  She has never been elected into office and feels she can violate any and all citizens ALONG with her buddy “idi amin dada” Lofty.  She, herself ,was nothing but an ANGRY drunk who performed sexually explicit favors to get what she wants because of her perceived good looks, but still had to go to anger management classes after assaulting a girl in a bar in Gainesville.  But she has been know to grab women by the hair until they cry “uncle “and she had her own DUI after bragging she was better than some Jacksonville Police, who showed her who was boss in the end.  She limps now because she did not get the necessary surgery on her ankle and like “Cousin Kenny” was paid for the almost year she was out due to a motorcycle accident where she really showed her stuff. She has lied to FDLE; She has lied on depositions for the Griffins, on depositions for Rivers, and even returned a computer to the Ratt with evidence of sex with a juvenile because she wanted to keep her job.  She has no respect and people now are far less prone to give her any respect.  She will do what it takes to keep her job, in spite of the fact that she does nothing but sit in her office telling the other officers what to do.  Almost every officer hired throughout the years is 100% better in education and performance and they are not liars as she is.  She doesn’t know the first thing about evidence but certainly knows about evidence tampering; was going to blame and ruin the reputation of one of her cops over an opioid drug, but when her boss, Lapdog Tebow said it was hers, “Cousin Tracy just gave her the pill back, no questions asked.  I guess she will do anything to keep her job
“Cousin” Brian has now been hired as the Town’s chief Independent Contractor for handling Public Works, since Vaughn is now the Street and Road Guy.   “Cousin” Brian has had a rap sheet and from what we are told he is back in the business of supplying the Ratt and his Lapdog with the goodies they need.   And if anything goes wrong, the Ratt can say, he just didn’t know about Brian because he was hired as an independent contractor and not as an employee.  Plus this way “Cousin” Brian will not receive health and life insurance, or other benefits and  will still be able to provide what the Ratt and his Lapdog needs.  That is how the Ratt pretends to provide favors for Blacks, but truly, it is a means of keeping Blacks beholding to him when he is really giving nothing to them and the benefit is of that ONLY to the “Cousins”. 
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree and outdoor

“Cousin” Walter never has done anything to stand up for the citizens or the Town, except for recent events where he fought for the rights of Councilwoman Miller and against the LOFT misuse only because Miller fought.  Now, even that has changed, when he voted for the illicit budget in a 3/1 vote.  Then when our recent council meeting was canceled due to Hurricane Michael which did not threaten Hamilton County, he did not use his power to contact Miller and have the meeting reinstated.  There already was notice and it takes only two councilors to bring forth a meeting.  So, since it has been rumored that “Cousin” Walter is so fearful of what “Cousin” Unfaithful Extortionist will do to him, whether report him for bribery or sue him, he has decided to allow Councilwoman Miller to be on her own  We believe he has kissed the Ratt’s ring and now will do what the Ratt and the “Cousins” wish him to do.  He has always been one to move to the side which may give him greater benefit and unfortunately, he has now chosen the Ratt and the Gang of Three.




Everything this so-called Fire Chief does or does not do is Mickey Mouse.  His credentials as a firefighter are so old, we are surprised the paper which they are on have not totally destructed.  He took credit for our former Chief Pittman’s successes and hard work, and managed a better ISO classification which will lower everyone’s insurance premiums.  But what will happen when the ISO finds out that he has lied to them, that he hasn’t a clue how to run a Fire Department and provide training for Firefighters; that he has never fought a fire in White Springs and even prior did not maintain equipment so that the Antique Store across from the then Fire Department, burned down to the ground because he could not get the truck started or pushed across the street.  His prime reason for being a Fire Chief is because of the former sex parties where he and  “Cousin” Andrew  brought in the amusements and now, favors are being given to him and “Cousin” Andrew who could not be fired by Chief Pittman without retaliation toward Pittman and the Crew.  So now we don’t have a fire department even though our roster is filled with fake names or should I correct myself; names of individuals who work for century who live no where near White Springs, but were enticed to sign their names as firefighters, if they wished to keep their EMT positions with Century.  No this is a Mickey Mouse situation so the costume is correct for “Cousin” Steve and sooner or later, the wrong business or the wrong house will burn down, or the people therein died,  and the suits against the Town will be great.. What is wrong with all of you Mickey Mouse idiots in Town hall…and now “Cousin” Walter has been brought in, and will not fight for a better Fire Department, even when Mrs. Griffin sent him various statements from our firefighters via e-mail…and he refused to do anything just like before.  So now “Cousin” Walter is a part of the corruption and illicit activities because he is a little man with a ton of fear who can talk the talk but who never could walk the walk.  What a shameful situation. And you the people are constantly screwed!




This is definitely Idi Amin Dada’s Mayor Suck-up Lofty’s favorite lady since she has the strength to threaten, bribe, and extort money and other favors from others.  She has been working along side of Suck-up Lofty; first to get Councilwoman Miller removed from the Town Council and secondly, to get rid of Walter McKenzie, because everyone including many of the citizens are tired of his biased sermons of how everyone should be and what should be done instead, and to do nothing about it anyway except to hear himself speak.  It is because “Cousin” Unfaithful made a pact with Lofty that they would be able to have the gang of five, for which the Ratt blessed Lofty as the Mayor of White Springs..  This “Cousin” is ruthless and the rumors are endless in Lake City of how she takes advantage of older white men by sleeping with them and taking their money and it is known she is relentless and her persecution and threats against those she does not like because she favors herself a lawyer, in spite of the fact that she no where has a master’s degree nor has she been through law school




Kenny Hutcherson's Profile Photo

“Cousin” Reverend Richard Marshall at one time complained that Council woman Miller had spent money without Council Approval.  Yet Miller allowed him to head the H.O.P.E. Program Food Bank for those less fortunate in White Springs.  But what did “Cousin” Marshall do?  Unlike Robin Hood, he stole from the Poor and kept it for his Adult Living Center business in Jennings, until Miller stopped the program. In fact, the “Watch” received information from various volunteers who knew that only one-half or less of the food received was distributed to the poor of White Springs, while the refrigerators at the Church and at the home of Marshall remained full of food which would only see its way to Jennings.
Because he was the minister who married the Griffins, the Red-face Ratt wasn’t sure of “Cousin” Marshall’s loyalty, but soon “Cousin” Marshall proved himself loyal when he assisted in  getting the Red-face Ratt elected by telling everyone that Griffin was a racist for calling McKire an uncle Tom at least ten years prior and that no one should vote for Griffin. And Why would Griffin have done that in a court case?  Well, because then Mayor McKire did nothing to assist any of the people in White Springs or their children  but was part of the Gang of three, Hardwick and McKenzie. In fact, McKire said at a council meeting that “Townsend may be a pedophile, but he is our pedophile”.
At a council meeting in the latter part 2016, after Kenny had not worked for the town for over a year, “Cousin” Marshall stated that the Town had better not stop payments to Kenny or stop his medical insurance.  In fact at that meeting “Cousin” Marshall offered to mow grass but that did not last long.  “Cousin” Marshall also was blamed by one of the Churches in White Springs for breaking a lock on a freezer and stealing all of the meat inside for his business in Jennings.  The Churchgoers and staff were very upset and told “Cousin” Marshall he was not welcome to assist the Church in its food bank..Not only that but this holy “Cousin” owed thousands in Child Support so that the State of FL took his driver’s license away.  But the Town still allowed him to drive anywhere he wanted as did the Sheriff’s department.  When “Cousin” Marshall would not return the “Trailer” he owed $600 to Griffin for  if it was not used for the purposes of a food bank and was asked to return Griffin’s motorcycle, the Sheriff’s Department would do nothing against “Cousin” Marshall.  It appears the Police and Sheriff’s department will let officials and former officials break any laws they feel they can.     You cannot believe anything that comes out of “Cousin” Marshall’s mouth any more than one can believe what comes out of the Ratt’s and the other “cousins'” mouths.  They are a bunch of criminals and liars who only have their own interests in mind.  It was sad to know that Kenny Hutcherson turned out to be a “Cousin” with his knowledge of the embezzlement, but again, if you live in White Springs, it is difficult to believe any of the officials or any of the “Blacks” who have been in office or have worked for White Springs have any morals or scruples but it is certainly funny watching them profess what good Christians they are while stealing money from others..  And that is a fact, unfortunately which if you do not know now, you will find out.    The nice thing is that you do not find a lot of that with Blacks in other parts of the Country…only those in White Springs who are still fighting the Civil War and are racists against any White Person living here.


“Cousin” Pam is aware of all of the Skeletons in the White Springs Closet and has been covering up for all of the officials who never followed the law, and who felt they never needed to be transparent to the citizens.   “Cousin” Pam loved “Cousin” Bobby and didn’t care how many children  “Cousin” Bobby may have violated and she hated Councilwoman Miller for removing “Cousin” Bobby as the Town Manager and probably assisted “Cousin” Andrew in getting rid of the sexual paraphernalia so FDLE couldn’t put “Cousin” Bobby in Prison.. She is part of the Gang who lies about others along with her  friend and former co-worker Shirley  Heath.  Up to the time when the “Cousins” decided to change Course and attack Councilwoman Miller, the Staff with Pam and Shirley at the Helm decided to persecute, lie, steal, defame, slander, and try to jail Mr. and Mrs. Griffin.  Still to this day they keep lying that Mr. Griffin cost the Town Money but in fact it was the Town who cost Griffin approximately some $40,000 for attorney costs and fees, which the Town and their attorneys never earned  or had a right to, because the Town would just tell the Attorneys to dismiss the suit for not following procedures (Motion to Dismiss) as a pro see petitioner and the officials requested the Attorneys to charge attorney fees and costs, without even a Judge’s evaluation of the actual charges made against the Town .  At Griffin’s civil rights suit, Shirley and Pam lied about circumstances which transpired and blamed Mr. Griffin for things others did.  Not only that, the records for a 15 year period showed some 450 documents total received by Griffin’s public records requests but “Cousin” Pam lied and stated 2,500 were made yearly even though Griffin was in a hospital for 11.5 months in Nashville.  Why is that?  Well, the Watch made an investigation of not only prior statements of Joe Griffin but of how the Town responded or felt they did not have to respond to public records requests. What the “Watch” found is that all 20 pro see suits related to public records requests, town ordinances and State laws in  which the Town felt they did not have to respond to.  “Cousin” Pam was also found writing to Griffin with comments such as “You stupid, stupid, man” and stating the most horrid comments to Ms. Rivers who “Cousin” Pam treated like dirt and had a great part in helping Tebo fire Rivers  because Rivers was too intelligent, was honest and knew her rights.  “Cousin” Pam truly  is one of the most ignorant and uneducated persons in Town Hall and yet is allowed to be not only the Finance Director but the Town Clerk.  We at the “Watch” can’t wait until the Auditor General takes a look at the books.  The biggest thing, Pam is looking for at the party is some Real Marijuana instead of the E-Cigarette Type..

DSCN5069.JPG  LIARS ALLPam Thomlinson

Stay away from Halloween and Pajama Parties hosted by the Ratt and his “Cousins”.  Protect your Children from the Red-face Ratt and if you view illicit criminal activities, call the FBI at (904)248-7000.  They are standing by ready to hear from you. It’s Day 179 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!


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