50 Things Nutritionists Never Eat.

50 Things Nutritionists Never Eat—So You Shouldn’t Either

Want to know what the experts avoid? Here’s the list of foods, processed goods, ingredients, and chemicals that nutritionists won’t put on their plates.

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Artificial sweeteners

Daniel-S-Edwards/ShutterstockA grande iced coffee with skim milk and two Splendas, please? Think again—and hold the sweet stuff. “I do not think there is sufficient evidence to prove that most artificial sweeteners are safe for consumers, so I prefer to stay away from them and indulge in the real thing [sugar] occasionally and mindfully. Plus, there’s a plethora of research that shows how consuming diet beverages may counter-intuitively lead to weight gain, which can increase your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease,” registered dietitian and nutritionist, Chelsey Amersays. This is what could happen to your body when you stop eating artificial sweeteners. .

Microwave popcorn

Nalaphotos/ShutterstockLove to curl up in front of The Voice with some vino and a buttery bag of popcorn? Resist. “I once ripped open an unpopped microwave popcorn bag and I haven’t eaten it since! There are too many artificial chemicals used in the flavorings inside the microwavable bag and I prefer to avoid overly processed products like this as much as possible,” Amer explains. But if you’re pop-crazy and can’t stop, she suggests making your own with popcorn kernels, a brown paper bag and olive oil with a touch of salt.

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