Stacy advised Mayor to provide advance notice to Staff or apply for the Town Manager’s job so she can handle the day to day matters

Mayor Miller,

When you would like to schedule a Council meeting, it would be helpful to contact staff several days in advance to ascertain who is available for the desired meeting date.  Coming in on a Monday morning to demand that Yvonne prepare an agenda for Wednesday is unacceptable.  We have discussed this many times in the past; this is the whole reason why Fred Koberlein advised that we prepare a resolution each year listing all the regular meeting dates.  Since those discussions several years ago, we have always used the rule of 3 business days- notice for meetings.  If we were to have a special meeting on a Tuesday, we would post an agenda Thursday.  You should not be showing up on a Monday morning to demand a Wednesday meeting.  You have no idea who is even available for that meeting, and it is not in keeping with the spirit of the Sunshine Law.

Chief Prueter told you and the Council his full-time job requirements at the October 8th meeting.  He is working a 24-hour shift on Wednesday night when you wish to have a meeting.  In normal city/town operations, one Council
Member would not unilaterally make that decision for the organization. Also, in normal operations, one member would not show up to town hall and demand an employee to prepare an agenda.  Please remember we have a Council-Manager form of government; that means elected officials do not direct employees, and the town manager is responsible for that.  You prepared the agenda, and you need to drop the discussion regarding the fire department from the agenda.  If  you are really trying to improve the
department, I would assume you need your chief present.

To be clear, the staff is supposed to be preparing the agenda, and not you. I would refer you to the Town Charter.  Perhaps if  you wish to run the day to day operations of the town, you should apply for the town manager position.

Stacy Tebo

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  1. I refer you to the Town Charter Ms. Tebo Ordinance 04-01 (A) (1) Section 2.05 of the Town Charter Special Meetings: The Mayor or any 2 Council Members may call a Special Meeting with 24-hours notice to other Council Members

    1. Mr. Brazil. Your statement to whomever about the town charter doesn’t take into consideration that the Government in the Sunshine Law REQUIRES three days notice for any meeting, emergency or not. It’s time we follow the LAW, don’t you think? Advance notice is one of the three pillars of the Sunshine Law. You now know something that was quoted to Walter 14 years ago and his words were, “We don’t have to follow that”/

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