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It’s a shame that any one that get on the city council or get hired dealing with White Springs,this man Joe Griffin is against anyone..Always having negativity about any Black person..You trying to call Tommie out for Something that happen decades ago pull up ur records that happen recently you is a Racist crazy person who will want you to represent White Springs surly not me period…Get over it and move on and stop bashing people’s lives take a look in the mirror at yourself

In reply to Pamela.Pamela, you are wrong. If I have a prejudice against any black it is because they have lied to me or about me. Richard Marshall preformed our wedding service and Jerome Jones (Mountain Man) gave away the bride. It is easy to call me a racist but you don’t know me. I know Tommie Jerome Jones, Nikki Williams and other blacks that aren’t worth a hill of beans because they are always looking for something that has to do with Power for themselves and not for the community. I know I will never be in position of authority here in White Springs but I have the biggest baddest stick in town as you prove by reading my Blog along with more than 2400 other readers in the past two days. If you take a liar’s word as gospel then I feel sorry for you. Tommie Jerome Jones and Nikki are the racists here, always looking for a way to improve their lot in life at the expense of a White Person. Shame on them and on you.Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist.

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