Here’s to you know it all Smut

When you throw your medals away they still remain on your DD-214. So…
I was in the Navy for quite awhile and never knew any fliers that swung back and forth between helicopters and fixed wings. Another alt Fury lie and you have the gall to call anyone a liar.
Stolen Valor is a crime and lying about your service is as low as a veteran can get. Ernest Smut

Karin’s response:

Ernest Smut, you are a joke if you believe you know everything. Joe is no liar and was on the Hancock as a fix winged Pilot bombing the hell out of bridges and the like, before he ended up a helicopter pilot in the Macong Delta and he never said he swung back and forth.

Maybe you should read some of the stories relating to military men losing their metals or them not showing up on their DD214 but let it be known that Joe did not lie, after he did that his Commanding Officer who was Black and given his position not earning it, removed everything and that is a fact so why don’t you just go in your little hole where you came from and quit talking about things you do not know.
Now there are things on the DD214 that show there was something at one time. The fact that the DD214 shows he was a public affairs officer. In order to be selected to be a public affairs officer you have to have ribbons and awards because you are in front of the press. Also he was not in the Reserves but rather he was in the “Navy”.

This Town lied about his education also and it never ends. Joe was not dishonest or else the FBI would have come to our door but they refused to do anything That is why the Town got involved because they knew Joe’s story and they wished to do damage to him however they could and me as a result. So why don’t you pick on someone who deserves it and leave Joe and I alone just because we tell the truth.

Karin for the blog

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