Tommie not only needs a background check but also a psychological profile completed and it is not because he is Black but it is because of his consistent lying.

It is amazing how someone who is Black (mainly in White Springs and Hamilton County) feel that they should be treated better than anyone else because of the color of their skin. Now felons cannot run for office but here we are, they can have the highest position of being a Town Manager… And if they are asked to have a background check it is considered discrimination. When I worked in the insurance Industry, whether NV, MN or FL, I had to have a background check by the FBI. The companies who hired me required testing and almost consistently they required psychological profiles. I do not agree with those on the blog who say that everyone lies. Well maybe you may compliment someone because you know their feelings would be hurt if you told them the truth; but I never remember lying on anything of importance, even to my detriment perhaps and with many in the Mafia as clients, I was respected for that honesty in spite of their unhappiness at times with my answers.. Yes we should give everyone a chance but what I saw in Tommie Jones was the need to have him complete a psychological profile because frankly in his conjecture on this blog he obviously needs help because his lies were off the cuff.

Employment rights

Employers have the right to run background checks or look into the person’s past and choose not to hire a candidate based on their felony conviction. However, there are certain professions that ban felons from ever obtaining employment in the field, including teachers, law enforcement agencies, the military, child care agencies, and other professions that require a license. If the felon possessed a license or held employment in one of these professions before their conviction, they will be terminated.

The Loss of Rights

Let’s pretend you just got charged with felony drug possession. What would be the first thing going through your mind? Prison time, right? What most people don’t think about is that along with the prison time you will be serving, many of the rights given to you may soon be taken.

That teaching license you worked so hard for and gave you $100,000 worth of debt, will be revoked before you even know it. Have you always dreamed of a European vacation? Forget about it – you may be prohibited from traveling internationally. Or how about the second amendment that gives you the right to bear arms? Not anymore.

Each state has the ability to decide what rights people lose once convicted of a felony. They also have the ability to decide which rights can be regained once a person is released from incarceration and off probation. The rights of felons vary slightly from state to state; however, the most common are as follows:

  • Possessing and purchasing a firearm
  • Voting will be allowed in January by 65% of the voters in Florida
  • Jury duty
  • Traveling outside the country
  • Employment in certain professions
  • Parental rights
  • Public assistance and housing

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