Since Nicole has made it very clear that our blog has been used to provide Anita, Nicole’s and possibly Helen’s agenda with her recent statement, it is obvious that Nicole’s intent to start some type of war on words against us was to obviously provide the record we know of on our new Town Manager Tommie Jones. Had he just brought up this fact without lying, it would have never been a problem. Yeh, Nicole, unlike the charges against Joe which were dropped because when a new ASA came on board it was obvious the Town was after Joe just to cause harm to him, Tommie actually earned his charges and you should be so proud of this matter.

This town is hilarious but it is also a sad state of affairs for the people.

I understand Tommie no longer is doing criminal activities, or at least it seems so, and none of this would have come up if he had been honest. Therefore, as you wish, the blog is providing apparently the information you wished us to provide because of your provocation.

Also it may be told that Tommie Jones filed bankruptcy on March 18, 1997 when he lived in Miramar FL.

09/04/2015        Misdemeanor Fish/Wildlife Violation

04/20/2010        Traffic Infraction – Unlawful Speed

01/12/2005        Felony Third Degree   Cocaine/ Possession

01/12/2005         Felony Third Degree  Tampered with Physical Evidence

01/12/2005         Misdemeanor Class 1   Resisted Officer without violence

07/06/2001        Felony Third Degree

07/27/2001        Felony Third Degree  Cocaine Possession

06/13/1991        Misdemeanor Class 1   Resisted Officer without violence

06/13/1991        Misdemeanor Class 1 Weapon/ FA Improper Exhibit

02/06/1986        Felony Second Degree  Deadly Missile Thrown

02/06/1986         Felony Third Degree   Aggravated Assault

02/06/1986         Felony Third Degree   Resisting Officers with Violence

09/14/1979        Conviction, Sentence Concurrent Felony Second Degree/1st Degree Felony

07/10/1981        Misdemeanor Class 2 Petit Theft

07/10/1981         06/14/1979 Battery Misdemeanor Class 1 Nolle Pros.

05/23/1979        Misdemeanor Class 2  – Criminal Misdemeanor Life threatening injury to persons or property 0-$200.

09/10/1979        Felony First Degree Burglary Structure Convicted

09/10/1979         Felony Second Degree   Grand Theft Second Degree

04/09/1979        Felony First Degree; Burglary/ Structure Convicted

04/09/1979         Felony Second Degree  Grand Theft 2nd Degree

09/14/1979        Felony Second Degree  Grand Theft 2nd Degree

09/14/1979         Felony First Degree  Burglary/ Structure/ Convicted

02/12/1979        Felony First Degree Burglary/ Structure/Convicted

02/12/1979         Felony Second Degree   Grand Theft 2nd Degree

11/03/1978        Misdemeanor Class 1 Resisting Officer without violence

11/03/1978    Conviction Criminal Misdemeanor Class 2 $ 0-$200

11/02/1978     Felony First Degree  Burglary/ Structure/ Conviction

11/02/1978     Misdemeanor Class 1  Resisting Officer without Violence

11/02/1978     Misdemeanor Class 2  $0-$200

01/27/1979        Burglary or Attempted Burglary; No Assault; Unarmed; Unoccupied Structure  Maximum Term 5 years

01/27/1979         Burglary or Attempted Burglary  No Assault; Unarmed; Unoccupied Structure; Maximum Term 2 years 4 Months.

This is the ideal Manager who will be handling our Town’s money. But obviously he does not make a good criminal because he was caught multiple times.

Karin for the blog

P.S. Thank you Nicole for your provocation which allowed us to make this decision on your behalf.


  1. Folks, the offenses above rolled-up in 1978- 1979 resulted in one conviction for which I have been granted Level 2 Clemency…with a “Full Pardon” pending in the governor’s office. I have no other felony conviction.

    “I have put the past behind me. I am looking forward to the future.” This crap shot will not deter motivation or character. I have done nothing wrong.

    I have made some poor decisions in the early years of my life. I understand why, and know how to keep them from happening again.

    However, at no time did I lie to anyone about my past. I disclosed a felony conviction for which I am required (not crimes with no adjudication).

    No one ever requested a background check of me. Therefore, how could I cover it up. Joe Griffin is focusing on the past. At no time did I lie to Joe. At no time did he ask me about my past so how could I lie? I disclosed the conviction to those who needed to know.

    I didn’t seek this manager position. Others insisted I take it. No one is to blame for it. All I was interested in doing was bringing to town up to speed with effective and efficient management. I have proven technical skills and education with no ulterior motives other than performing at a high level regarding the needs of the town.

    Ms. Griffin is providing innuendo with regards managing money. Don’t need it.

    Helen has done nothing wrong…I will do this job for free already saving 8k annually in the Salary. Please don’t let some slanted views prevent this town from acquiring what it so dearly when it comes to administration and execution of it services to the public. Good Luck!

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