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WATCH: Joy Behar Crosses SERIOUS LINE With Trump Remark; ‘God Forbid He Lives…’

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Warren Loses It, Disgustingly Claims Kavanaugh Confirmation Threatens ‘Lives Of Countless Women’

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Kathy Griffin Whines About Her Failing Career, Don Jr. Levels Her With Epic Tweet

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WATCH: Clarence Thomas Takes A Direct Shot At Cory Booker’s Spartacus Act

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This new form of electricity will leave you speechless… and possibly rich

Total Wealth
Dear Total Wealth Reader,

Imagine a world where you aren’t constrained by cords, wires, and plugs…

To be able to turn on every lamp in your house without using a plug.

The ability to power up any TV without having a single connection to an electrical outlet, modem, or cable box…

Your phone could always be 100% charged – even if it was in your pocket.

You’ll be completely wire-free and soon enough, you won’t even have to stop for gas.

All this will be thanks to a tiny company that is about to go from virtual obscurity to a household name.

Not only do they have 53 patents, with 200 pending to protect their market share…

They also just signed a $25 million strategic partnership deal with the world’s leading component supplier to begin distributing their technology worldwide.

Over 120 years of plugging in everything is about to end… and you could find out how to get in before this company potentially surges in value.

Here’s your chance to see how to get in from the ground floor.

Click here to learn more about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Best regards for great trading,

Keith Fitz-Gerald
Editor, Total Wealth

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When Did YOU Know That You Were a Conservative?


Hi Karin,

Many of us remember the exact moment when we realized just how much sense conservative virtues make. It’s an enlightening moment that some of us just can’t forget.

One prominent conservative thinker definitely stands out, however. His conversion wasn’t complete until he was a full-grown adult, and it had nothing to do with taxes, or the excess of progressive culture.

Click here for the powerful story of how this conservative came to embrace his ideals.

~ Steve Boyd

Perfect Stock Caught Trading Under Secret Name…

It trades under a secret name… for just $3.

But thanks to a developing situation involving Donald Trump, America’s No. 1 tech company and $10 billion… this may soon be the most talked-about stock in America. Find out more about the “secret stock” here.

Breaking News:

Nutjob Leftist Tries to Stab California Republican Candidate – Read More Click Here

– Trump Shows the Difference Between Obama and “America First”

Views are Quite Out There – Read More Click Here

– Trump Ran for President Because of…

Apologizing to the Left Gets You Nowhere – Read More Click Here

– Dems Want to Impeach Trump

Nike Just Bought Themselves a Whole World of Trouble – Read More Click Here

– Oregon Says They Broke the Law

Outraged Over Billboard – Read More Click Here

In Freedom,
Restore American Glory

Hillary Gets Ripped To Pieces For Spreading Debunked Smear Against Kavanaugh In Nasty Tweetstorm

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New Strzok-Page Texts Reveal Disturbing Plan Leading Up To Trump-Russia Probe; ‘Leaking Like Mad’

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WOAH: Appeals Court Makes Ruling On Claims Trump “INCITED” Violence At Kentucky Rally

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BOMBSHELL: Leftists Busted Trying To Bribe GOP Senator With $1.3 Million To Vote Against Kavanaugh

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Daily Dispatch – Wednesday, September 12, 2018
How To: Fix Crepe Skin
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Beverly Hills surgeon explains at home fix for crepey skin around the arms, legs, and stomach Read more…
Must Read
Read more of Conservative Tribune by The Western Journa
Breaking News…

Do You Support Israel? Get Your Flag Pin Now (sponsor)

Over 1 million set to evacuate ahead of Florence

Rudy Giuliani on how far America has come since 9/11

Jim Carrey tells Democrats to ‘say yes to socialism’

Maria Butina to Remain Jailed, Gag Order Imposed

Uncensored Health! 25 ‘Forbidden’ Cures that Your Doctor May Not Even Know About  (sponsor)

Declare Support for Israel - Request Your Flag Pin
As the most sacred season in the Jewish calendar begins this month – the High Holy Days – Israel’s enemies are rising up against her in full force – launching nearly 200 rockets into the Holy Land just recently.

These terrorists aren’t just fighting God’s people – they are fighting against God himself. This is a clear war between GOOD and EVIL.

FREE U.S.-Israel flap pin

As the world is sleeping, Israeli mothers are rushing their helpless children to bomb shelters, elderly widows are hiding under their beds for fear that they won’t make it to safety in time, and soldiers are standing on the frontlines of the war against terror.

The Jewish state is torn by conflict and under fire from enemies on all sides – take a stand in solidarity against those who strive to tear the Holy City from the hearts and hands of the Jewish people by requesting your complimentary US-Israel Flag Pinthat you can wear proudly to demonstrate your commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.

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Kaepernick Got What He Wanted From Nike, Now He’s Stabbing Them in the Back
Nike should have listened when people told them if you team up with a rat, you’re probably going to get bitten. Read more…
Watch: Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker Get Scolded at 9/11 Memorial by Victim’s Family
‘Their lives, sacrifices and death are worth so much more. Let’s not trivialize them or us. It hurts.’ Read more…
Avenatti Blindsided After Playboy Playmate Flips Script, Presses Lawsuit Against Him
Posted by Ben Marquis
It’s not looking good for Avenatti. Read more…
Man Appears To Take Shot at Kaepernick from 9/11 Memorial Stage
Posted by Randy DeSoto
He didn’t use his name, but the message seemed clear. Read more…
Sen. Collins Exposes Left-Wing Bribe Attempt
Posted by Malachi Bailey
Susan Collins said the threats would not influence her vote. Read more…
Trump Delivers Powerful Message at 9/11 Memorial: ‘America Will Never, Ever Submit to Tyranny’
Posted by Jack Davis
The commander in chief stole the show, delivering a powerful and heartfelt message. Read more…
‘Dear Nimrod:’ James Woods Scorches Durbin for Blaming GOP for Chicago Gun Violence
Posted by Ben Marquis
James Woods is back at it again. Maybe Durbin will think twice before trying to spread blatant lies about the GOP. Read more…
Trump Critics Focus Outrage on President’s Fist Motion at 9/11 Memorial
Posted by Randy DeSoto
President Trump was attending the Flight 93 memorial service in Pennsylvania. Read more…
Trump Releases Killer Obama Video Every American Should See
Posted by Cillian Zeal
In one minute, Trump managed to blow apart the media narrative that the booming economy is actually because of Barack Obama. These are the best 60 seconds you’ll have all day. Read more…
Sen Mike Lee: TSA Needs Reform. Here’s What My Bill Would Change.
Posted by Sen. Mike Lee
‘Now that an entire generation of Americans can’t remember the pre-TSA era, most people who fly can recall a personal experience with the agency. And these experiences are rarely stellar.’ Read more…
The NM Islamists Who Got Out on Technicality Just Got Nasty From Feds
Posted by Lisa Payne-Naeger
Wouldn’t you love to have seen their faces? Read more…
Police Respond to Mass Shooting Threat at MAGA Event at Trump Hotel
Posted by Chris Agee
The threat appeared to come from a supporter of the Democratic socialists. Read more…
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BREAKING: Top Democrat JAILED – Makes Shock Announcement

This is horrifying.

Read the details…

Scott Walker Aides Backstab Governor, Makes Ad For Opponent

MADISON – A second former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker has come out against him, saying the GOP governor’s team told him to meet with payday loan lobbyists and discouraged him from creating documents that could be turned up under the state’s open re …

Republican Nightmare Unfolds In Michigan?

A new poll shows that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer is leading Republican candidate Bill Schuette by a double-digit margin. … The statewide poll, conducted by the Glengariff Group for the Detroit News and WDIV-TV, showed that Wh …

Even WaPo Concurs: Dem Candidate Stretches Résumé To Extremes

The Washington Post face checker determined an ad released by Democratic congressional candidate Andy Kim exaggerates his prior work experience in the administration of former President George W. Bush. “We don’t question Kim’s expertise on national s …

Trump Cancels Rallies As Hurricane Florence Bears Down

President Trump canceled a second rally scheduled for later this week as Hurricane Florence nears the East Coast. Trump’s campaign announced Tuesday that a rally planned for Thursday in Cape Girardeau, Mo., has been canceled. “With Hurricane Florence on it …

Big Name Congressman Resigns

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) is resigning from Congress to focus on his bid to become governor of America’s largest swing state. Per WESH Orlando: DeSantis sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday announcing his immediate resignation. The nor …

Republican Reinforcements To … Texas

With a string of polls showing GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s lead slipping, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick showed up in Washington on July 25 to deliver an urgent plea to White House officials: Send President Donald Trump. Patrick, who chaired Trump’s 2016 campaign in t …

Don Jr. Goes Nuclear On MSNBC’s Scarborough For Comparing His Father To A Terrorist On 9/11

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WATCH: Son Of Woman Killed On 9/11 SLAMS Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker For Using Victims As ‘Props’

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AMAZING: Bald Eagle Lands On Top Of Firetruck During 9/11 Tribute

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BREAKING: DOJ Set To Open Probe Into Social Media Giants For Anti-Conservative Bias

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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

This Female Presidential Hopeful Is WORSE Than Hillary!

Pro-Hillary Collusion Exposed at Google, Univision, Voto Latino

Students Told to Stop Chanting, “USA! USA!” at Football Game Honoring 9/11

Don, Jr.: Deranged Morning Joe Owes an Apology to 9/11 Victims & Families

Mexican Rapist Charged with Kidnapping Texas Woman, Aggravated Sexual Assault

The New Confederacy – Which States Are In And Which Are Out

Boost Your Social Security Payouts by as much as $54,072

Did you know there’s a little-known way to boost your Social Security payouts by up to $54,072?

It’s true, and it’s all because of a single clause buried deep amid the mountains of publicly available benefits information. A recent book reveals this, and other tricks, that could secure your retirement.
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Bill Bonner’s Diary

The Greatest Financial Crime of the 21st Century

The trees are in their autumn beauty,
The woodland paths are dry,
Under the October twilight the water
Mirrors a still sky;
Upon the brimming water among the stones
Are nine-and-fifty swans.

The nineteenth autumn has come upon me
Since I first made my count;
I saw, before I had well finished,
All suddenly mount
And scatter wheeling in great broken rings
Upon their clamorous wings.

– “The Wild Swans at Coole,” William Butler Yeats

By Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners

Bill Bonner

LOUGH ESKE CASTLE, DONEGAL, IRELAND – On the table today is a question of character.

Is former Fed chief Ben Bernanke witless… or ruthless?

The tenth autumn of his debt-soaked world has come upon us.

The trees are once again in their autumn beauty… and the financial markets are once again ready to scatter upon their clamorous wings…

But first…

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Protestors Target Retirees?


A scary new demand from the social justice movement. One expert explains why retirees (and investors) should beware.

Read his warning here

Hill of Tara

Yesterday, we drove from Dublin to Donegal, stopping to climb the Hill of Tara, where Ireland’s ancient peoples buried their dead, honored their kings, and did whatever strange and wondrous things people got up to back then.


Our roving editor (left) climbs the Hill of Tara


A note from Bill: Monuments on the Hill of Tara. One is presumed to be a phallic symbol. “A phallic symbol of what?” asked a visitor…

Ireland has been inhabited for about as long as the Americas. Bones found in a cave showed that the first hunters ate bear and deer here as early as 10,400 BC. Before that, the island was covered with ice, and therefore, uninhabitable.

Who the first residents were, we don’t know. The Celts came fairly recently, around 1,000 BC. Then came the invasions of the Vikings, the Normans, and the English, in that order.

Along our path yesterday was the River Boyne – site of the battle that left English Protestants in control of the island.

But the Battle of the Boyne might never have happened. Instead, the English, Dutch, Danish, and French Huguenot forces under William of Orange might have merely crossed the river and slaughtered some of the local Catholic farmers.

Also along our route was the southwest corner of Ulster, Northern Ireland. There were no border checks. We only knew we were in another country because we noticed that the car license plates had changed in Enniskillen.

This relaxed border may be a problem.

The UK has decided to leave the European Union. The Republic of Ireland remains a part of the EU. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland remains a part of the UK.

And that means they cannot have an open border between North and South. But the Irish have gotten used to an invisible frontier.

It gives the island a sense of unity and peace. Putting hard border checks in place – passports, goods, services – will be awkward.

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This Is the #1 Tech Investment for September 2018


Early investors in this technology have already had the chance to make gains of 12,813%, 19,990%, and 264,753%.

But so far, it’s mostly Silicon Valley insiders, the world’s richest families, and some of Wall Street’s top players making a killing from it.

Make your move now, and I guarantee this will be your #1 investment story of 2018.

Get the full story here

The Pentagon’s $1.743 trillion plan to stop a Chinese sneak attack dead in its tracks

our email settings, please see the contact information at the bottom of the email.

Total Wealth
Dear Total Wealth Reader,

Tensions continue to grow near the South China Sea…

And China isn’t just hosting war games to scare us – they’re planning to put their “Assassin’s Mace” plan into action.

The Chinese have already deployed DF-21D missiles to strategic military positions in Liaoning, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Fujian, and Qinghai…

All within striking distance of South Korea, Guam, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and every U.S. base in the region.

We aren’t talking about some distant “future” scenario either… it is an emergency that warrants attention now.

The Pentagon estimates that China has enough missiles to wipe out every U.S. carrier strike group on the planet.

Let that sink in…

My friend and colleague has been diligently following this case.

With 40 years of experience as an Intelligence Officer, three Distinguished Service Medals from Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton, and 23 other commendations from the U.S. Intelligence Community – you could say he knows a thing or two.

Please don’t take this warning lightly.

Go here now for the details.

Best regards for great trading,

Keith Fitz-Gerald
Editor, Total Wealth

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The hidden power behind Public Law 92-313

Total Wealth
For American Taxpayers, It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Dear Total Wealth Investor,

It shouldn’t shock you to learn that your hard-earned tax dollars foot the bill for a variety of government expenses…

But after an exhaustive investigation into a piece of 50-year-old legislation, we’ve uncovered a best-case scenario for American taxpayers.

See, with each paycheck you earn, a portion of that is handed off to be used for the upkeep of government buildings… federal properties… even the White House.

So in a way, ordinary citizens like you have been serving as landlords to the federal government – without reaping any of the benefits.

Here’s how that can change.

Right now, over 100 federal agencies are lawfully required to pay rent for the properties they occupy.

And as a result, piles of cash are silently accruing in the Federal Buildings Fund.

This year, it contains a mind-blowing $11.1 billion.

And one ingenious investing strategy is allowing ordinary folks from across the country to claim a piece for themselves.

Now, you can, too.

You could start receiving $1,795, $3,000, $5,000, or MORE in “Federal Rent Checks” – every single month.

All you have to do is follow these simple instructions.


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Map Press

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Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump insisted for a second day that his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico was a success and lashed out at the island’s local government, as a major storm closed in on the Carolina coast.

“We got A Pluses for our recent hurricane work in Texas and Florida (and did an unappreciated great job in Puerto Rico, even though an inaccessible island with very poor electricity and a totally incompetent Mayor of San Juan),” Trump said Wednesday on Twitter. “We are ready for the big one that is coming!”

He later tweeted: “‘Hurricane Florence is looking even bigger than anticipated. It will be arriving soon. FEMA, First Responders and Law Enforcement are supplied and ready. Be safe!”

Trump called his government’s response to Hurricane Maria an “unsung success” on Tuesday, two weeks after Puerto Rico’s leaders dramatically increased the death toll from the 2017 storm to 2,975 people.

Trump has repeatedly defended federal efforts in the wake of Maria, a Category 5 storm that destroyed much of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and left most of the island without power for weeks or longer. His latest remarks came after he was briefed on Hurricane Florence, now a Category 4 storm, that’s expected to strike the mid-Atlantic coast at the end of the week.


The Sad Reason You’ve Never Heard of This Man

A Valuable Lesson From a Forgotten Man

By Andy Snyder, Founder
Rooster’s Crow
Want to get rich? Here’s the secret… ditch your TV. Author Tom Corley studied the daily routines of 233 rich people and 128 poor people. What he found makes sense. Of the wealthy folks, 67% limited their TV time to one hour or less per day. For the poor folks, the figure dropped to 23%.

History has a tendency of sharing the convenient.

It tells the tales of the winners… and forgets the losers.

It reveals the simple… and glosses over the complex.

It’s why we all know George Washington “couldn’t tell a lie,” but few folks know that his own troops threatened to toss him from power.

Understanding there’s always more to the story is a hallmark of a successful man. That’s why, as we continue our weekly series on polymaths, we’re eager to introduce you to a man we bet you’ve never heard of.

Einstein’s Muse

This week’s man who knew a lot about a lot comes to us from a reader. He wrote us to say…

One other man you might want to consider is James Clerk Maxwell. He is justly famous as perhaps the greatest physicist to live between the times of Newton and Einstein. He discovered the nature of light, worked out the theory of electromagnetism (with help from Michael Faraday – another candidate for a polymath) and advanced thermodynamics as much as anyone in the 19th century.

Before all that, he invented color photography. As a boy, he memorized the 119th Psalm – a long one with one verse for each letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

He never led troops or went into politics, and he died relatively young, but I’m willing to bet his nucleus basalis was in great shape– Reader D.C.

The story of James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) is quite remarkable… and yet few folks have ever heard of the man. His accomplishments aren’t taught in school. Kids don’t tell tales of him or compare their intelligence to his (a losing battle). And history books tend to gloss over his feats.

But his story is great.

Despite being widely recognized as one of the top three physicists ever (right behind Einstein and Newton), the history books have all but eliminated mentions of the man not because of the lackluster merit of his work… but because they can’t figure out how to explain it.

Looming Crisis Could Hit Americans on September 26, 2018

Chart shows that Washington is virtually helpless when the next crisis hits. That’s why it could do something drastic on September 26, 2018… something that could bring this raging bull market to a sudden stop.

Details Here!

Many experts, including Einstein, say Maxwell single-handedly brought science out of the realm of the mechanical and into the realm of the electrical.

His work on the science behind color, electromagnetism and math is the guiding principle for nearly every electronic device today… and yet the lazy mind of history has decided to simply forget about the man.

He’s too complicated. Or as one modern physicist put it, his works are too complex for the layperson to understand.

A Real Know-It-All

But remember… a polymath is more than an expert in one subject. Just because Maxwell was a brilliant physicist doesn’t qualify him for our series. Again, we’re looking past specialists and digging up the truly curious… the men who used ideas to build ideas.

In that light, Maxwell doesn’t let us down. He was a poet, had a love of drawing, was a religious scholar and was even an astronomer.

He proved that true intelligence can (and must) span more than one dimension.

We can see the idea in some of his great – and widely varied – contributions to the scientific world:

  • Using a governor to control the speed of a steam engine
  • Proving that electricity travels at the speed of light
  • Determining how colorblindness works
  • Explaining Saturn’s rings
  • Inventing color photography
  • And his work on electromagnetism led to Einstein’s theory of relativity and Marconi’s invention of the radio.

Remember, too, that Maxwell did all of this in his very short time on this planet. He died when he was just 48 years old.

Freedom of Education

We wonder if there’s anybody alive today who will have such a profound effect on tomorrow.

We know the intelligence is there. But we wonder if the Liberty to explore ideas and ponder the possibilities still exists.

After all, Maxwell’s education wasn’t focused on passing a test or getting strong marks on his entrance exams. No, the great thinker was never much of a student. He put the time in but was largely granted the freedom to explore what he wanted to… what he was interested in.

We don’t see that all that often these days.

Our best and brightest are boxed up, handed a career path and are told not to stray. But time after time, we find the men in our series are educational misfits… dropouts and dunces who saw the flaw in overpaying for underwhelming ideas.

Maxwell taught us a lot, especially in the realm of physics.

But even today his legacy (or lack of one) teaches us a valuable lesson. We won’t get anywhere if we follow the same path as everyone else.

We’ll never change the course of history if we never change course.

Maxwell did it. And he did it well.

It’s just too bad the history books aren’t able to tell the whole truth.

Be well,


Breaking news from Wired Conservative
Fellow American,

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” campaign, Nike chose former NFL player Colin Kaepernick to appear in its ads.

Kaepernick is most famous for kneeling during the national anthem and also drew harsh criticism for wearing socks depicting pigs wearing police uniforms.

Despite these disrespectful actions, Nike has never shied away from endorsing a controversial athlete, especially if it helps sell merchandise.

Do you support Nike and Colin Kaepernick?

Or do you agree with the millions of Americans who have burned their Nike merchandise and vowed to never buy another Nike product?

Make your voice heard and vote in our nationwide poll.

Your friends and MoneyAndMarkets

Breaking News…

Visibly Reverse Wrinkles At Home (Do this daily)(sponsor)

Trump Floors Everyone With 9 Word Declaration Sending Chills Down The Spines Of Any 2020 Challengers

Kavanaugh Asked if He Owes Loyalty to Trump, He Whips Out a Piece of Paper That SILENCES

Huge Win! Trump Breaks More Records Putting Obama To Shame Again!

Elizabeth Warren Just Went On CNN and Made a Ridiculous Demand To Remove Trump From Office

OMG! This New Prediction by the Man Who Predicted Trump’s Win will Shock You (sponsor)

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SICK: On 9/11 Anniversary, Joe Scarborough Says Trump Is Worse Than Any “Terrorist Attack”

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FLASHBACK: Trump Stood Strong With New York City On 9/11

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