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With news this weekend that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will likely testify this week, her claims of what actually happened and her true motive for coming forward will be determined by Americans watching the televised hearings and seeing first-hand her answers to Senate questions.

How well Blasey Ford responds to questions posed by the Judiciary Committee — that is, her credibility under fire — could well determine whether Kavanaugh is ultimately confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court.

Newsmax identified 23 questions legal experts and others tell should be asked of Blasey Ford in any normal criminal proceeding.

See the 23 Questions — Go Here No

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BREAKING: Trump Makes Kavanaugh Decision – DONE

He really said it.

Read the details…

Bill Bonner's Diary
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Did a Brigadier General get slapped down for exposing the U.S. government’s No. 1 Secret?

On January 28th, a secret memo was accidentally “leaked” in Washington, D.C. The details are extremely embarrassing.

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Trump Wants To Speed Up The FDA Process For Medicines

Horror: Mass Stabbing at Anchor Baby Birthing Center for Illegal Aliens

Trump to GOP: Where’s the Money for the Wall?

New Jersey Democrat Says Voters Who Disagree with Her Should Move to Arkansas

Newly-Released FBI Texts Raise Questions about Trump-Russia Intel Assessment

Top Heart Surgeon Discovers Amazing Secret To Weight Loss

Why Doctors Are Reading The Bible – No Matter What Their Faith!


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Bill Bonner’s Diary

The Feds Are Stealing Your Ultimate Resource

By Van Bryan, Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

Time… As Bill says, it’s your ultimate resource. It’s the one thing that can’t be duplicated, extended, or counterfeited. But it can be stolen…

All week, our editor revealed why the federal government and the Federal Reserve, with their EZ-credit policies… fake money… and phony outrages, have been robbing Americans of their limited time for decades.

It culminated on Wednesday, when Bill presented damning evidence that the middle class’ time has been pilfered… and transferred to the Deep State’s coffers.

image How Politics Drove a Ruling Family Into a Ditch
In Ireland, Bill stumbles upon a historic mansion. Upon further investigation, he discovers the story behind Lissadell House… and what happened to the family that once lived there.

image How to Get Rich in the Swamp
New reporting shows some questionable activities from America’s statesmen. Politicians push through legislation, then turn around and join corporations that profit from that legislation. On Tuesday, our editor is forced to conclude that the Swamp has never been swampier…

image How Politics Poisoned the Earth
As Bill says, it’s often best to ignore politics. But sometimes, even if you don’t take an interest in politics, it’ll still take an interest in you. Today’s political circus is one of those times. Like a broken gas tank, toxins are pouring out, threatening to poison the groundwater.

image The Kavanaugh Scandal: Another Deep State Distraction
Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, is facing some serious allegations from a high school classmate. The 24-hour media is transfixed by the situation. But behind the scenes, something else is unfolding…

image This Bull Market Is Running Out of Time
We’re now living through the longest bull market in history. The current economic expansion is in record territory, too. But the writing is on the wall: This bull’s days are numbered.

image Why This Tech Will Kill the iPhone
The smartphone in your pocket will soon be obsolete. In its place will be a piece of sci-fi tech straight off a movie screen. On Saturday, Jeff Brown, Bill’s top technology expert, reveals what it is… and shows how you can profit.



Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Bill Bonner’s Diary

P.S. Back in April of this year, Jeff Brown gave a presentation before a packed room in Miami Beach. Behind closed doors, he showed why one piece of technology will unlock $12 trillion of wealth… why it will revolutionize our entire society… and why smart investors will make a fortune.

Later that night, I asked Jeff about his idea over drinks. Was this one technology really that transformational?

“Everything,” he said, “It will change everything.”

Now, Jeff’s letting readers in on the details. To find out for yourself, go right here.

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image Banned by Lincoln in 1863, Why This “Strange Money” Could Be Here Again Soon…
Everyone knows about slavery, but few realize Lincoln made another controversial ban in 1863… That’s when Honest Abe arguably put an end to “honest money.” Today, 13 U.S. states could soon reverse Lincoln’s ban. And Teeka Tiwari, America’s #1 currency expert, recently explained what’s going on and what it means for your savings.
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image Amazon’s new crypto plan?
This is urgent. Evidence shows Amazon may be on the verge of issuing its own crypto coin.

Silicon Valley crypto expert Jeff Brown shows you two “backdoor” ways to profit from this extraordinary event. And it doesn’t involve buying a single cryptocurrency…
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