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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

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Bigger Than The Internet?

There isn’t much bigger than the internet – however there is one thing that will always be more important that the web – and that’s power. Electricity is the most important innovation of this or any lifetime, and it’s about to get it’s biggest makeover yet. See the future HERE…

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Christine Blasey Ford, the 51-year-old college professor who says Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her over 35 years ago as a teenager, told a Washington Post reporter she was “terrified” over what would happen if she went public with her story.

This weekend, television broadcasting trucks lined up outside her house, and reporters went door-to-door seeking interviews about her with her neighbors.

What do we really know about Christine Ford? Newsmax did a deep dive and came up with nine surprising facts most people do not know about Ford.

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Hi Karin,

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~ Steve Boyd

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