Why do our police officers have the Lowest salaries of all?

Our police officers have been told for years to just work traffic which the “Watch calls the police officers neutered.  There is  so much corruption going on but much of it has been by officials present and former.  Nevertheless, Police officers risk their lives, try to keep the community safe as well as their selves so they may go  home to their families.     And I can’t believe our illustrious Chief who cannot walk on that ankle due to refusing surgery because now she is not even a real cop.


She has not fought for her officers and it is time that their salaries were increased to at least $40-45,000.  Right now based upon a total $128,108 that leaves an average of $32,000 per officer.  How can an officer with a family live on that?  Much less, it does not allow a single officer to get ahead and live a life that he or she should.  Every year I look at this and it makes me angry.


I realize The Police Department Income from golf cart permits, police report copies, fines/forfeitures and Law education only produce $2,255.00.  Yet some of these officers assist with the fire department; others take kids on drugs to hospitals and make certain our properties are safe.  Each of these officers have been to a police academy, one is a detective and the average salary for four officers is $32,026.25 or less is criminal.  I made that kind of money in the early 70’s but everything was not as expensive as it is today. There also is incentive pay of ONLY  $1,800  and allowed overtime expense of only $1,872.  When will the police get a raise?


Health and Life Insurance is very high in all categories but due to the fact that police officers protect the public the total paid in health and Life insurance is $16,514.  For the other categories, we have  had much use of our medical insurance, so rates increase as the risk increases and items such as chemo therapy are very expensive.


No wonder we lose most good police officers as soon as they can find another position.  It is obvious, with the John Davis case that if you dare bring up the truth or complain that the administration or the Gang of Three Councilors have done something wrong, you will be fired or you will be forced to resign.  They will keep you only if you say “Yes Mass’r” continually.  There is no transparency; there is no free speech; the Gang of Three and the Town Manager are involved in drugs, pedophilia and illicit behaviors but the police work for them and if they bring anything up, their fired.  Poor John Davis just came back from leave due to the birth of his baby, and was forced to resign.


It becomes more and more corrupt and destructive daily in White Springs, but at some point a person tires of fighting those who feel they are better than the citizenry.  I also feel sorry for the officers because their boss, the chief has had her own assault and DUI charges and because of her lies in court and at depositions, I do not know why she is kept here, but it probably has to do with her record or her medical condition.  Most importantly, she will turn on her fellow officers and her friends, if it means she can retain her job here.  She obviously does not wish to excel in life but just handle things lackadaisically. . .  I could probably handle her criminal record but I frankly do not like those that lie..  And in the future, Tracy, don’t bother trying to throw me out of a meeting.  I will gladly go with any officer but you.


Anyway, something needs to be done.  If officers cannot work with another department/or City on their time off, they barely can make it.  Why don’t you give the officers a raise Stacy and Rhett and quit paying attorneys because of your own actions.


Karin for the blog

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