Spencer Lofton abdicated his role as Mayor last night to Rhett Bullard. Anytime a question came up Spencer allowed Rhett to answer the question. Disregarding that the answers were all self-serving to Rhett and not the town, Rhett answered all of the questions and all of the procedural questions. This just proves that we have a flake as our town Mayor who doesn’t know jack shit about how a meeting should be run so Rhett runs over him whenever Rhett feels like it. The only thing truly Spencer’s last night was throwing three of the most vocal critics of the town out of the meeting.

How can a citizen have a voice if the only time he or she is allowed to speak is BEFORE any business takes place. It makes a mockery out of the Constitution which is this week’s Town Proclamation. Rack it up to another LIE done by the Council. Rhett is an a$$hole but at least he knows what he is doing and can be held accountable for his self-serving answers. Who would of thought that we would consider the DAYS of Rhett AS the GOOD OLD DAYS?

Give an “N” a whistle and watch him  blow it. I guess that makes me a racist to Spencer and his sycophants. So be it for the uppity SOB and his supporters.

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