White Springs hides their budget in GA

Wouldn’t you know it, Tommie Jones messed up again. The Statute states there should be seven days notice of a meeting and in White Spring’s case, we have had two budget work shops and were or are to have a meeting Tomorrow September 24th. However, no notification as is required in a newspaper with the new budget has been made in time. In fact, the statute states such notification should be placed in a local paper but alas, it is to be placed in the Valdosta Times. Georgia not florida.

So I pondered the situation why would we advertise in Georgia? We have the Suwannee Valley Times as a local paper sold at our stores and if someone didn’t realize that there is always the Lake City Reporter to which many subscribe. So there can be only one reason, because the Town put a budget through which uses Local Option Fuel Taxes illegally for salaries which amount to Beautification at most…just look at our potholes and cracks in the streets, they had to put notification in a Georgia paper where someone who understands Florida Law would not understand that our Town is as illegal and corrupt as can be.

Thank you for taking our town down Helen Miller. All of this is because of you.

Karin for the blog

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  1. If you doubt Karin go to either S&S stores, MUNCHIES, OR GOD FORBID THE DOLLAR GENERAL STORE TO PICK UP YOUR COPY. For Christ’s sake. If Jennings can do it why can’t White Springs? Because Jennings has a Town Manager who knows the law not some incompetent Black idiot (where I grew up he was and is a Nigger). How much longer must we suffer with at the expense of this fool’s incompetence

    Joe Griffin
    Co-editor White Springs Journal
    Citizen Activist

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