When is Spencer Lofton going to come clean

Section 2.03 Vacancies; Forfeiture of office; Filling of Vacancies and Extraordinary vacancies.

(a)  Vacancies:  A Town Council member shall forfeit his office if he

  1. Intentionally misrepresented facts which were used to determine his eligibility for election of office
  2. Willfully violates any express prohibition of this Charter
  3. Fails to attend three (3) Consecutive regular meetings of the coucil without the Council’s approval.
  4. Moves his residence from the Town of White Springs
  5. For malfeasance, misfeasance or non-feasance in office
  6. When the Town Council determines by majority vote that there is reasonable cause to believe that any Council Member is disabled so as to be unable to perform his duties, such member may be compelled to submit to medical examination by a physician of his choice

I remember when the Rhatt Watch indicated that Spencer Lofton, when he was a council member and also worked for the HOPE program did not wish to leave either job because it was money in his pocket.   Subsequently since he and his wife could take more money out of the HOPE program he finally elected to forfeit his council seat.  I bet we will ave another problem with him now as well.

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