Council meeting WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 6;30 PM. I am told this subject will come up even if I have to bring it up. Tired of this piss poor government.

Tebo could never allege discrimination against the town of White Springs should the Council, you reading this Spencer, Tonja and Walter (the new threesome of piss poor government) ever grow a set of balls to improve White Springs financial woes. She has never been discriminated against either because she is female nor because she is a Caucasian although I wouldn’t put it past her to try.

As for the other case point she also has not been “put upon” by anyone against her at least by the Town government. She claimed she was retaliated against by DeBary because she filed an EOCC claim she made. The court ruled that she was retaliated against because of the fact that the retaliation happened so close in time to the EOCC filing.  No such thing has happened in White Springs. She has never filed an EOCC complaint or even complained that the Council has treated her poorly. The Helen Miller case to the point. Tebo complained about Miller, not the other way around.

The other point is also implicit. It is true that this Blog has been calling for her removal for over two years now but this blog is not the Town, thank goodness Tebo would say. The Blog is reportedly not even read by Tebo, so she says, or only a few of the Council  members, according to Spencer and Walter, so there can be no retaliation against the Town. Council member Brown can’t apparently read so she is out as a prover of facts. And Tebo can’t retaliate against the Griffin’s (us) because of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. She already tried to get us for sending in too many 119 requests but that got thrown out of court by Judge Scaff and the behest of the State Attorney, Curry v. State

So I say to the Council, especially any two members of the Gang of Three, Spencer Walter and Tonja, fire Tebo now before the town is AGAIN warned by the Governor to “clean up our act” or be taken over by the State. Also before we run out of money by buying the Streets and Roads department more toys. Our misspending of the Local Option Fuel Tax is one example  of the misgovernment of the Tebo reign of terror. It’s cost us some $200,000 a year for the last four years. Yet our streets are in terrible shape. But never fear, we got a new excavator, which is never used, and a new pickup truck that is used almost exclusively for non town business.

For Walter. Get  your  head out of the sand and do what is right instead of seeing where I stand and voting against it. Your voting history in the last six months is a fraud and a joke. It’s time to be a man you wimp. You can’t please everybody but you’re not even pleasing yourself. Vote to Fire Tebo now Walter, Spencer and Tonja. Save White Springs from a villain.

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