What the electricity may cost in the new Community Center, bar the differences in construction and insulation

One of the questions raised by the Council was what the expenses would be in the New Community Center.  Now this is definitely placing the cart before that mighty carriage, but heck, Ms. Tebo gave some examples in the only manner in which she could.   Now we know that the building will be metal and we don’t know if it will be hurricane proof or if we will get the additional funds.  We didn’t get a quote on a modular building which could have been concrete hurricane proof which the electric utility would not have been as costly.  So, I can say, a metal building will cost more for air conditioning which appears to be the only thing we have so far in our bid.

Besides awaiting the cost for a hurricane proof building, there needs to be heat as well and a generator plus furnishings.  You can’t buy cheap furnishings or they will not be commercial grade and they will fall apart, and that includes chairs for which strong chairs will be necessary so that someone does not collapse and hurt themselves especially since the Town expencts revenue.  It may be called a community center, but the community does not get to use it unless they rent it…no, there will be no charity here.  We can have another poconip and you all could be freezing, but you will not be able to use a community center with a generator to keep warm if you have no other means.   You may own the town and the staff is supposed to answer to you, but don’t expect them to do anything for you.  That is the way of White Springs.  And who knows, the Town may require an entry fee before allowed in the building if the building is hurricane proof and a hurricane is coming.

Back to Stacy’s quotes.

Winfield Community Center in Lake City Florida.  The Electric bill paid through the county is approximately $175 Monthly for a 5000 square foot building which holds 280-300 people.   The charge to rent the Community is $235 a day with a $100 security deposit which is refunded, if the people renting the building do their own cleaning.  The Winfield Community Center is booked a year in advance and earn an average revenue of $7,000 a year.


The Civic Center in Jasper Florida develops a monthly electric bill of $200 or $2,400 a year based upon square footage of 2,568 holding 200 people.  The Civic Center is rented out at $250 a day and a $50 Reservation fee is charged which is non-refundable with a $350 Deposit which is Refundable.   Commercial Rental Fee is $500 per day.  The Civic Center in Jasper earns a $4,750 rental revenue but in excess of $11,000 was spent for cleaning the building.


Springville Community Center in Lake City’s Electric bill averages $250 a Month based upon square footage of 2,592, a porch of 140 square feet for which it is rented out at $200 a day, with a $100 Deposit which the person renting the center will receive back if it is cleaned.  Gloria McIntosh mentioned that they do not make much on the rentals and it depends on rentals which fluctuates apparently from some to none.


So What Stacy has found out is that it will cost approximately $200-250 a month but Revenue could be zero because unless White Springs start’s booking Weddings and events, in advance, who knows?   White Springs should determine the rentals from the Women’s Center which I am certain doesn’t develop a lot of income either.

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